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Spawn (Engl. Brood , spawn ) is an American comic book character who since 1992 is a series of the same title character. The first appearance can be found in Spawn # 1 by Image Comics .

Spawn was invented and drawn by Todd McFarlane . After a steep career, during which he wrote and drew the flagship title " Spider-Man " for Marvel Comics, among others , he founded Image Comics with other illustrators in 1992 and produced Spawn, his most successful comic series to date. In the meantime, McFarlane has also established himself with other products (e.g. McFarlane Toys) and has largely withdrawn from the production of comics. His successful successor as a draftsman for Spawn was initially Greg Capullo, in between some issues were drawn by Tony Daniel. Angel Medina is now drawing the series. Brian Holguin has supported Todd McFarlane as a writer for some time.

Even Alan Moore participated as an author for the miniseries Spawn: Violator (1994) and Spawn: Bloodfeud (1995). Spawn # 8 (1993) is the prelude to the Violator miniseries and in Spawn # 32 (1995) it provides the prologue to Bloodfeud miniseries Nos. 1-4. Both mini-series are special editions.


Spawn was once the American mercenary Al Simmons . However, when he wanted to get out of this job, his supervisor Jason Wynn had him murdered on his last assignment. In Hell he negotiated a contract with Malebolgia , one of the lords of Hell , so that he could see his wife Wanda again. Simmons was eventually sent back to earth , but here he had to experience the pitfalls of his agreement: without memory and horribly disfigured, he was only released five years later, where his wife Wanda is now married to his boyfriend at the time, Terry Fitzgerald . At the same time, however, he is equipped with a lively costume and magical powers, with the help of which he avenges himself on his alleged murderers and protects the weak and innocent. He finally found out that Malebolgia wanted to destroy the hero now called Spawn by confronting the changed world and then making him general of his armies in the apocalypse . He is only the last of a whole army of Hellspawns . By refusing to lead the armies of Hell, he eventually becomes an enemy of both parties and establishes his little empire in the slums of New York , which he vigorously defends.

More characters

  • Angela :

A 100,000 year old female angel hunting Hellspawns. After Spawn uncovered an intrigue in the sky , the two team up. It comes from the Elysium, the first sphere of the seventh heaven. In the fight against Malebolgia she is killed by him.

  • Antonio Carlo Twistelli aka Don Dracula :

New York mafia boss who financially supports government projects to breed perfect killers .

  • Billy Kincaid :

A child killer killed by Spawn and recruited as a Hellspawn from Malebolgia . Later, the spirit of Kincaid returns to earth to continue its murderous hustle and bustle.

  • Bobby :

Not only did Spawn share the same streets with this homeless man in New York , but also part of the necroplasm that makes up Spawn's body. Spawn saved Bobby's life twice, but the necroplasm he had left inside him put the Redeemer on his trail.

  • Chapel & Priest :

By Jason Wynn hired killers of Al Simmons . Defaced Spawn Chapel while fighting his old friend . Later, Chapel also kills Bobby , but is hunted down by Spawn . In the film, Priest is the female version of Chapel. She is shot dead by Spawn during an event.

  • Chief Banks :

Police chief in the department of Sam and Twitch , which due to files that Spawn provides kills himself .

  • Cyan :

Terry and Wanda's daughter , raised by both, has a close relationship with Spawn .

  • Cy-Gor :

A silverback gorilla with cybernetic limbs that has been given human thought patterns. This is the result of a crazy experiment by Dr. Willheims , who used the Simmons- trained soldier Smith , or his brain, and documents that Simmons had stolen on behalf of the government for his experiments . Free and driven by revenge, Cy-Gor set out to kill Spawn .

  • The five Phlebiac brothers :

Demons in the service of Malebolgia , their names are: Vacillator , Vindicator , Vaporizer , Vandalizer and the Violator . The latter can appear in the form of a human clown and weaves intrigues on earth. He manipulates Jason Wynn, among others . Your job is to trick the Hellspawns into turning to evil entirely.

  • Gabrielle :

The ambassador of heaven on earth.

  • Count Nicholas Cogliostro :

The Mentor Spawns said he used to be a Hellspawn himself . He supported Spawn in the first editions and even released him once when Spawn's costume had reached a stronger phase that Spawn could no longer control. It later emerges that Cogliostro is actually Cain who killed his brother Abel. Cogliostro managed by a trick that Spawn gave up power over the eighth sphere (which actually belonged to it after he killed Malebolgia) and claimed it for himself. Since then, Cogliostro has been the ruler of the eighth sphere of hell.

  • Granny Blake :

The blind grandmother thinks Spawn returned as an angel. This is where Spawn finds refuge from its terrible existence.

A mage who helps spawn transport an atomic bomb to an alien dimension just before it explodes.

  • Jason Broderick Wynn :

Head of the United States Security Group and former head of Al Simmons . It was he who hired Chapel to kill Al . Jason allied himself with the Violator and was able to return to his old office from the insane asylum that Spawn had brought him to. In the meantime, the star chamber had turned Jason into an "anti-spawn" on behalf of heaven to destroy spawn . Now that Jason had resumed his old office, the Violator haunted his head until he finally took control of Jason's body.

  • Malebolgia :

Devil , who 70,000 years ago killed his creator and then Lord of Hell Leviathan in a three-year war. Since then he has ruled the eighth sphere of hell and has created an army of Hellspawns. He also turns Simmons into a Hellspawn who is supposed to lead his army. But Spawn turns against Malebolgia and ultimately destroys it, creating a chaotic power vacuum in Hell.

  • Mammon :

Mammon appears in the comics from time to time and was always known by fans as "The Man in the White Suit" until he revealed his name. He also has three scratches on his right eye that spawned him as a “memory”. Mammon is one of the "forgotten" angels who did not want to interfere in the war between the other angels and were therefore banished. Mammon's goal is to ascend God's throne.

  • Sir John of York aka Medivial Spawn :

A 12th century knight, murdered by guards he trained himself, became a previous spawn who also fought the Violator . He is told in some spawn comics, and in a crossover he meets Witchblade . Sir John was able to withstand the dark forces until his second death. He was struck down by Angela .

  • Nicholas Rocca aka Over-Kill :

Rocca was torn apart in an exchange of fire between various mafiosi. But before his death, he became a cyborg , hatched in the government laboratories paid for by the mafia. In a battle with spawn , he is defeated. Over-Kill later reappears to destroy Spawn one more time, but Spawn destroys him again.

  • Phillip Krahn aka The Curse :

Since his parents had little time for Phillip , he was raised by his grandmother. Their religious upbringing taught him to fear God . He made sacrifices to please God, but never was himself. He mutilated himself just to be heard. Thanks to his extraordinary talent , however, he was able to replace his limbs with technically masterful weapons. He was convinced that if he killed Spawn , he would go to heaven. Defeated by Spawn , Curse came up with a new plan: to gain control of Hell. By taking control of Spawn's necroplasma, he tried to subjugate Satan, but failed. There were no remains of him after the explosion of his castle.

  • Redeemer :

The Redeemer also joins the ranks of spawns from heavenly opponents. He is one of Bobby's killers because the necroplasm put him on the wrong track. The Redeemer, also called Anti-Spawn, is connected to a human by the star chamber in order to destroy Hellspawns. Wynn was chosen to be a Redeemer, but his impure heart thwarted his success. Phil Trimper was selected as the new "host" .

  • Richard Masullo aka Tremor :

When Richard wanted to quit his service with the Mafia , he became part of a government project (funded by the Mafia) to create super soldiers ; the same scientific experiments that created Cy-Gor . He became a mixture of humans and animals, but retained his free will , which made him unusable for the client. His brother David , also in the service of the Mafia, couldn't believe what had happened. Through an intrigue by Twistelli , he shot Tremor . Spawn , which deals with tremor had allied, suggested David to cripple why tremor again changed sides. Tremor then disappeared and it remains uncertain whether he is friend or foe.

  • Sam Burke & Maximillion Steven Percival 'Twitch' Williams :

Two cops whose paths often cross paths with spawns . Spawn helps them get their criminal boss out of office. However, both lose their jobs and set up a detective agency .

  • Terry (Terrence) Fitzgerald :

He used to be a friend of Al Simmons' , after his death he took care of his wife. The two later married. After realizing who Spawn was , he helped him take action against Jason Wynn .

  • Tiffany :

Also a Hellspawn-chasing angel, which Spawn fights back with the help of other creatures of the night, but does not kill.

  • Wanda Blake :

Al Simmons' widow, who is now married to his friend Terry and gave birth to Cyan .


In 1997 the comic by Mark AZ Dippé was filmed with real actors.

There are also three seasons of an animated series from HBO. The series is strongly based on the style of the comics. In 1999 she received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (More Than One Hour).

At the end of July 2017, Todd McFarlane announced that a remake of Spawn was in the works at the film studio Blumhouse Productions .

Action figures

Spawn inventor Todd MC Farlane now runs a company in addition to the comics that produces action figures, both for the spawn comics and for other films (Movie Maniacs). There are now 32 series of the Spawn action figure series.


The power metal band Iced Earth published in 1996, that of Spawn inspired concept album The Dark Saga .

A soundtrack album called Spawn: The Album was created for the film Spawn , which contains pieces that were created from the collaboration of artists from the fields of rock music and electronic music .

Spawns inventor Todd McFarlane also drew the cover of the album Follow the Leader of grain and Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed , as well as the music video for the song Do The Evolution of Pearl Jam .

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