St. Remigius Church (Büdingen)

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St. Remigius Church

The St. Remigii Church in Büdingen is a cultural monument due to the Hessian Monument Protection Act .

There are no reliable sources of evidence about the origin, but the following can be concluded from archaeological findings, the patronage and documents: At the beginning of the 8th century, a Franconian landlord in today's Büdingen district of Großendorf started a wooden church on the site of today's church build his farm, where it was protected from the repeated floods of the Seemenbach . He had the church subordinate to the patronage of the Merovingian- Franconian national saint Remigius .

In the remains of the original wooden building there was only one burial, which is an essential indication that it was a separate church. The church was probably built in the area of ​​the “ curtis ” of the landlord and is the successor to a Merovingian district that was originally administered from Glauberg . This nobleman, whose name is unknown, is likely to be a member of the Hartmann family. The existence of this family is inferred from the frequent occurrence of the lead name in donation deeds of the 10th and 11th centuries, which was unusual in the area, but was common among the noble family, named after their castle as the Lords of Büdingen from 1131 . Therefore, the research assumes that the Büdinger emerged from the "Hartmännern" and that the St. Remigius Church is the independent church of this regionally important noble family.

In the 9th century the church was replaced by a hall-like stone building. The western transept was built at the beginning of the 11th century. Around 1050, the two parts of the building were raised to their current height. The nave and the western transept were separated by a partition that stands on mighty pillars. The ten circular windows, the late Gothic wall paintings and the joint cuts are remarkable .

Sketch of the church floor plan in 1890

The Remigius Church was first mentioned in May 1265, when Ludwig von Isenburg and his wife Heilwig transferred it together with the parish church in Eckartshausen along with their income to the Cistercian Sisters on the Hague near Lorbach .

The building was the Büdinger parish church until the end of the 15th century . The task of the city church took over in 1495 with the laying of the sacraments, the Marienkirche , consecrated in 1492 . From then on, the St. Remigius Church was only used as a cemetery church.

Luther von Isenburg, who was destined for the clergy and was appointed rector of the parish church of St. Remigius by his father Ludwig, ran the affairs of the parish for several years with the help of his vicar until he finally resigned from his clerical office around 1304 to take over the management of his inheritance. As a clergyman, Luther von Isenburg had shown particular interest in his Remigius Church, which can be proven through renovations and foundations.

The Remigius Church is regarded as the mother church of the Herrnhaag , Hain-Gründau , Mittel-Gründau , Büches , Wolf , Rinderbügen , Wolferborn , Kefenrod and Hitzkirchen churches , while Vonhausen , Calbach , Orleshausen and Dudenrod had their own churches.


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