State Fire Brigade School Geretsried

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State Fire Brigade School Geretsried
Geretsried - State Fire Brigade School (entrance) .JPG
Geretsried - State Fire Brigade School (entrance)
type of school Fire school
founding 1995

Sudetenstrasse 81

place Geretsried
country Bavaria
Country Germany
Coordinates 47 ° 51 '10 "  N , 11 ° 30' 0"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 51 '10 "  N , 11 ° 30' 0"  E
carrier Bavaria
management René Mühlberger

The State Fire Brigade School Geretsried is located in the Upper Bavarian town of Geretsried in the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district . The state fire brigade school was opened on July 1, 1995 as the last of the three state fire brigade schools in Bavaria and emerged, among other things, from the state training center Bavaria for the air raid protection service (LSHD, founded in 1959). It is an authority directly subordinate to the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior .


Even before the state fire brigade school in Geretsried was founded, the location was already a training center for the protection of the population in Bavaria and can therefore look back on an eventful history.

State training center Bavaria for the air raid aid service

On April 1, 1959, the establishment of the Bavarian state training center for air raid relief service with the Geretsried location was decided in accordance with the decree of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior and on the basis of the First Law on Measures to Protect the Civilian Population .

The training began on April 20, 1959 and included the training of volunteers for the establishment of a local and national air raid protection service. The location was initially a temporary arrangement and was operated by the Bavarian Red Cross .

On December 22nd, 1964, additional areas in Geretsried were acquired for the new school building. However, the planning order for the construction of the new building was only given on September 23, 1969. At the end of 1969, the Bavarian State Training Center for the air raid relief service was renamed the Bavarian Disaster Management School.

Disaster Management School Bavaria

On January 1, 1970, the Bavarian Disaster Management School began its service. It emerged from the Bavarian State Training Center for the air raid rescue service. In contrast to its predecessor, the school was no longer run by the Bavarian Red Cross.

The preliminary construction decision on the construction of the school was issued on September 16, 1970 and construction finally began on May 29, 1974. The Rosenheim tax office was in charge of the construction. The first buildings were handed over on December 18, 1975, the last to be added was the practice area in autumn 1977.

The Bavarian State School of the Federal Association for Self-Protection was also located on the site. Both schools began operating on March 29, 1976. On February 6, 1984, the 40,000. Course participants welcomed and only 5 years later there were already 50,000 course participants.

On November 7, 1989, teaching was stopped for some time and GDR refugees were housed on the site for 10 days.

Due to the new concept of the federal government, the disaster control school was closed on June 30, 1995 after 36 years of service and replaced by the Geretsried State Fire Brigade School.

State Fire Brigade School Bavaria

Platform with passenger and freight wagons
Emergency vehicle (car)

The state fire brigade school in Geretsried was founded in its current form on July 1, 1995 and started teaching on September 11, 1995. The inauguration of the school did not take place until November 29th by the Prime Minister Dr. Edmund Stoiber.

The topping-out ceremony for an extension to the accommodation building was celebrated on November 11, 1999. The accommodation has been expanded to include 16 double rooms and TV rooms. In the following year, renovation work continued on the site. On June 5, 2000, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for further expansion and renovation measures. At the end of 2005, a gas training facility was inaugurated on the training site and a teaching control center followed in 2006.


The tasks of the State Fire Brigade School Geretsried include:

  • education and training
    • in the area of ​​fire protection and technical assistance for fire service providers in the voluntary fire brigades, compulsory fire brigades, works and company fire brigades
    • for the special management ranks of the districts, urban districts and for potential responsible experts in preventive fire protection
    • in the area of ​​IT for fire fighters, members of the district offices, members of the government and members of the police stations that alerted the first time
    • in the area of ​​disaster control for fire fighters and other helpers in the area of ​​ABC as well as for special management ranks and task holders of the rural districts and urban districts
  • Implementation of the technical inspection service according to No. 3.1 VollzBekBay FwG
  • Planning and implementation of site training
  • Participation in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of disaster control exercises
  • Assistance with operations on request
  • Support of training events on request
  • Data maintenance EDV / BASIS for the modules material and equipment management and course management
  • Participation in the preparation of leaflets and training documents
  • Participation in regional and national working groups
  • Statements on draft regulations of all kinds
  • Participation in the testing of equipment and furnishings.


There are courses in the following areas:

  • Fire protection
  • technology
  • environmental Protection
  • Training QE 3 (formerly high-level fire service)
  • Civil protection
  • Leadership
  • Integrated control centers
  • Digital radio




The school director is fire director René Mühlberger.

Department I.

Department I covers the areas of vehicles, fire protection, environmental protection and technology. This also includes modular troop training as on-site training in the fire services.

Department II

Department II comprises the areas of disaster control, leadership and PSNV as well as crisis management.

Department III

Department III comprises the areas of integrated control center, digital radio, EDP and operational tasks.


From 1976, the Bavarian State Government's alternative seat was located on the premises of the fire brigade school . In 1992 the bunker was shut down and is now used as an archive room.

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