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Family coat of arms of the von Stackelberg family

Stackelberg , (old Stakilberg , Russian Стакельберг Stakelberg ), is the name of an old, originally German noble family . The Lords of Stackelberg came to Livonia with the colonization of the Baltic Sea area and belong to the Baltic nobility . You were in Russian or Swedish service, various branches of the family still exist today.


The meaning of the family name is unclear. The name can be derived from sticks (trees) on a mountain or from a "steel" (steep) mountain. The family coat of arms makes both interpretations appear possible.

The family was first mentioned in 1244 in Cologne with Waldewerus de Stackelberg , and in 1306 in Riga with Henricus de Stackelberg , vassal of the Bishop of Dorpat . The trunk series does not begin until Arent Stackelberg († before 1504).

The sons of Dorpater Stiftsvogts Peter von Stackelberg († 1545) founded the four lines of Kawer-Kreuzhof , Camby-Isenhof , Memskul-Piddul and Oldenhorn-Hallinap , which settled in Livonia, Estonia , Sweden , Finland and Russia . The third and fourth lines split into further branch lines. Its members were able to expand their goods and possessions considerably. Before the First World War they owned 28 parent houses with 1677 square kilometers of land. Afterwards they were expropriated without compensation, with the exception of a few residual goods.

Individual members and branches of the family were elevated to the status of Swedish barons in 1714 and to the status of Swedish counts in 1727 . In 1763 all generals in the Kingdom of Sweden were allowed to use the title of count . The elevation to the count status in the Holy Roman Empire took place in 1775 and 1786. Russian recognition for the use of the baron title was granted on December 7, 1854.

coat of arms

The family coat of arms shows two growing natural linden trunks, each with a leaf hanging on the outside , in gold on a green three-mountain . On the helmet with green and gold blankets a growing golden lion with a red tongue between the linden trunks.

Family members and genealogy

House Stackelberg, Stakilberg in the Holy Roman Empire, imperial count from 1775 and 1786; Main line from Arend

  • Heinrich von Stackelberg, Henricus de Stakilberg (around 1305), shop steward and vassal of the Bishop of Dorpat
  • Arend Stackelberg (Stakilberg) (1444–1502) ⚭ Margareta Turesdotter Engedes
    • Peter von Stackelberg (Stakilberg) (~ 1480–1545), bailiff of Dorpat and member of the Imperial Court of Justice
    ⚭ (I)? Anna von Buxhoewden , ⚭ (II)? Magdalena von Asserien, six children
    Sons found the main lines of Kagrimois, Camby, Memskull, Oldenthorn

Russian Stakelberg in Estonia, nobility register June 12, 1746, barons from December 7, 1854

  • Carl Wilhelm von Stackelberg (around 1670) ⚭ Anna Elisabeth
    ⚭ Magdalena von Bellingshausen
    ⚭ 1758 Sophia Gerdruta von Völckersahm (widowed by Tiesenhausen)
    • Gustav Ernst Graf Stackelberg , also Gustav Ottonowitsch Stakelberg (June 5, 1766, † 1850), real privy councilor, diplomat, ambassador in Sicily, the Helvetic Republic, Holland, Prussia, Austria and at the Congress of Vienna
    ⚭ 1805 Karoline Countess von Ludolf
    • Ernest Gustavowitsch Stakelberg , German Ernst Johann von Stackelberg (1813–1870), Russian military and diplomat, ambassador to Sardinia, Spain, Italy, Austria / Austria-Hungary, France
other relatives


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