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Headquarters of the Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz Foundation : The Gerloffsche Villa (House of the Braunschweigische Stiftungen) on Löwenwall

The Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz Foundation (SBK) was established by law on the Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz Foundation of December 16, 2004 with effect from January 1, 2005 as a foundation under public law with its seat in Braunschweig .

History of origin

After the dissolution of the Braunschweig district government on December 31, 2004, which had managed the assets of the Braunschweig United Monastery and Study Fund (founded in 1569) and the Braunschweig Foundation (founded in 1934), the need arose to set up an institution who would be responsible for the continuity of the cultural and historical identity of the Braunschweig region . This happened with the establishment of the SBK, under whose roof the other two foundations are united.

Foundation purpose

The purpose of the foundation is primarily to promote and preserve the cultural and historical traditions of the Braunschweig region and the former state of Braunschweig . In addition to church, cultural and social projects, the foundation's assets also support the Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum , the Staatstheater Braunschweig and the Technical University of Braunschweig . The SBK organizes regional cultural funding for the state of Lower Saxony .

Foundation assets

The foundation's assets amount to over 275 million euros and largely consist of real estate and financial deposits. The properties include u. a. Cultural assets such as the imperial cathedral in Königslutter , a large number of monasteries and churches, more than 20 foundations and monasteries with around 7,500 hectares of arable land and 5,500 hectares of forest areas and more than 3,000 heritable building rights . Projects are funded from the annual income of around two million euros.

The city of Braunschweig is planning to transfer part of the urban real estate and property portfolio in Riddagshausen to the SBK. These include a. the monastery church , the Grüner Jäger restaurant and the former Reichsjägerhof "Hermann Göring" . The SBK will lease part of this land to the Evangelical Foundation Neuerkerode .


In June 2017, the Lower Saxony State Audit Office criticized in its annual report "inappropriately high expenditures" by the Foundation, its President and its Director for their representation and entertainment expenses, business trips to other European countries and inappropriately large company cars. The administrative expenses rose within ten years from 150,000 € annually to 930,000 €.

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