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Braunschweiger Land
Lower Saxony

The Braunschweiger Land is a region in southeast Lower Saxony in the Harz foreland . It forms roughly the core area of ​​the old Duchy of Braunschweig or the Free State of Braunschweig . It covers the former administrative district of Braunschweig, which existed from 1946 to 1978, even more closely . The Braunschweiger Land roughly corresponds to the cities of Braunschweig , Wolfsburg , Salzgitter and at least partially the districts of Gifhorn , Peine , Wolfenbüttel , Goslar and Helmstedt . The Holzminden district, which was exchanged for the city and district of Goslar in 1941, as well as the area around Calvörde and the area around Blankenburg , the latter two are now part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, have been eliminated . Thedinghausen , which previously belonged to the Braunschweig district, is now part of the Verden district . The Braunschweigische Landessparkasse and the Braunschweigische Landeskirche still show the area of ​​the old Braunschweig country today.

Regional Association

The Braunschweigische Landschaft association has set itself the goal of maintaining the identity of the Braunschweig region and the connection of the population with history even after the state of Lower Saxony was founded. He uses a silhouette of the Sachsenrosses as a logo .


The legends about Till Eulenspiegel , a typical figure from the area ( Kneitlingen ) or the Heinrich legend about Heinrich the Lion are rich in tradition . Then there is also the legend of the Mumme of a Braunschweig type of beer, but also the one that revolves around the naming and founding of the city by the Brunon brothers Bruno and Dankward . There are also numerous sagas and legends from the Elm and Harz mountains , some of which are part of the Braunschweig region.


If one considers the area of ​​the former administrative district of Braunschweig without the southern parts of Göttingen , Osterode and Northeim as Braunschweiger Land, 1,115,876 people live in the area on an area of ​​4,716.43 km² ( deducted from the community-free area Harz in the district of Goslar ). The area has a population density of around 237 inhabitants / km² (219 with unincorporated area), which is above the average for Lower Saxony and also above the average for Germany .

Cities in the Braunschweiger Land

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Location relative to Braunschweig:
Gifhorn (24 km) Wolfsburg (25 km)
Peine (20 km)

Neighboring communities Königslutter (19 km)
Helmstedt (34 km)
Salzgitter (19 km)
Seesen (49 km)
Bad Gandersheim (57 km)
Holzminden (88 km)
Fürstenberg (97 km)
Wolfenbüttel (12 km)

Liebenburg (29 km)
Goslar (41 km)
Bad Harzburg (43 km)
Braunlage (61 km)
Schöppenstedt (22 km)
Schöningen (34 km)
Blankenburg (61 km)
Seesen Holzminden Blankenburg (Harz) Bad Harzburg Helmstedt Gifhorn Peine Goslar Wolfenbüttel Salzgitter Wolfsburg Braunschweig

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