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Information stele of the Harz Geopark in Osterode am Harz

The Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen Geopark is a UNESCO Global Geopark in the three German states of Lower Saxony , Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia .

Location and special features

In an area of ​​around 100 × 120 kilometers, the Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen Geopark encompasses nature parks and other nature conservation areas that identify the Harz , Braunschweiger Land and Ostfalen with Elm and Drömling as a destination for nature-based tourism . Within the Geopark Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen a natural spatial change from the proceeds Geest valley of Aller -Flachlandes over the richly structured ostfälische hills up to the Harz Mountains.


The idea to establish a national geopark was born in 1997 in the open-air and adventure museum in Ostfalen by FEMO e. V. in Königslutter am Elm . The Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen Geopark was founded in 2001. Together with the regional association Harz e. V., one of the largest geoparks in the world was founded. In 2003 the Geopark - initially with the Braunschweiger Land sub-area - became a member of the National Geopark Network. In 2004/2005 it was accepted into the European Geopark Network (EGN) and the Global Geopark Network (GGN) with the support of UNESCO. Since then, the Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen Geopark has already been successfully revalidated three times, most recently in summer 2013. The infrastructure, management, program, budget and protection concept were all checked.

The Geopark is owned by the " Regionalverband Harz  e. V. "based in Quedlinburg for the Harz region as well as the" Geopark-Trägererverein Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen e. V. “based in Königslutter.

Geopark information centers have been set up in Königslutter, Goslar , Salzgitter , Torfhaus , Brockenhaus am Brockengipfel , Quedlinburg and the Einhornhöhle .

Landmarks and geopoints

Landmarks are particularly well-known locations or points in the area that are visible from afar. They are used for orientation in the Geopark. For each landmark and the surrounding area with geopoints - points of particular interest, at which the history of the earth but also the development of the cultural landscape can be recognized - there is a special leaflet with corresponding information.

Landmark 2: Ottiliae shaft
Landmark 8: Wernigerode Castle
Landmark 9: Bustard

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