Stralauer Allee

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B96a Stralauer Allee
coat of arms
Street in Berlin
Stralauer Allee
Basic data
place Berlin
District Friedrichshain
Created in the 13th century
Newly designed in the 1970s
Hist. Names In front of the Stralauer Tor , Straße 41
Connecting roads
Mühlenstraße (northwest) , Alt Stralau (southeast)
Cross streets (from southeast to northwest):
Bossestraße (formerly  Straße 43 ),
Modersohnstraße (formerly  Hohenlohestraße ),
Danneckerstraße (formerly  Caprivistraße ),
Lehmbruckstraße (formerly  Beymestraße ),
Ehrenbergstraße (formerly  Straße 46c ),
Naglerstrasse (formerly  Strasse 46b ),
Warschauer Strasse
Places Warsaw Square
Buildings Development
User groups Road traffic
Technical specifications
Street length 1400 meters

The Stralauer Allee is a multi-lane traffic route in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg . It begins at the intersection of Am Oberbaum at the corner of Mühlenstrasse and Warschauer Strasse and runs parallel to the Spree along the east port to Markgrafendamm . It got its name from its direction towards the village of Stralau on June 7, 1896. The avenue is also part of the B 96a .

Location and street history

Stralauer Allee, along with Holzmarktstrasse and Mühlenstrasse, forms one of the radial arterial roads leading to the north and east of Old Berlin , which emanate from the historic center of the city, i.e. essentially from Alexanderplatz .

In the 18th century, the avenue served as a route for carriages from the city center south-east to the Stralau peninsula or further towards Rummelsburg and Köpenick . In a publication by the publisher Nicolai it says about this street in 1786: “In front of the Stralauer Tore a dam with a pleasant avenue leads to Stralau.” Parts of this street had different names:

In the traffic route plan for Berlin drawn up by James Hobrecht , it was entered in the 1860s as Street 41 in Department XIV . In the Berlin address book from 1863 it is included as Vor dem Stralauer Thore , but with only four house numbers. One of them is assigned to the management of the aqueduct . Around 1900 this name was apparently deleted.

In 1901 42 parcels were developed: on the east side the numbers 1–16, beginning at the Oberbaum (today: Oberbaumbrücke ). It then ran south-east to Markgrafendamm and ran from there in horseshoe numbering again north-west to Warschauer Platz ending with number 42.

Between this traffic route and the course of the Spree , due to the good water transport possibilities, several storage areas have emerged in the last few centuries, interrupted by a Spree bathing establishment (number 5; in 1893 referred to as the Berlin swimming school on a city map ), two areas for water sports Clubs as well as some inns. In the first half of the 20th century, the city of Berlin, as the owner of all these sites, combined them to form an extensive transshipment port, which was given the name "Osthafen".

Towards the end of the 19th century, the London company The French Asphalt set up shop on plot 20c for the necessary road works, but above all for the production of a smooth road surface ( asphalt ) .

The construction office of Siemens & Halske (parcel 40/41), which was in charge of installing the railway over the Oberbaum Bridge, was located directly on the corner of what would later become Warschauer Strasse .

With the political change , the Osthafen lost its economic importance, it was later even given up as a cargo handling point. Individual buildings were sold and are used for other purposes. New buildings in open spaces have also been added. A hotel and the German headquarters of the Coca-Cola group should be mentioned above all .

Six people from the densely populated tenement houses on the northeast side of Stralauer Allee (numbers 23 and 24) were imprisoned during the Nazi era and perished as a result of torture or directly in concentration camps. (see list of stumbling blocks in Berlin-Friedrichshain ).


Recycled bricks before new buildings are finished, 1959
Former egg cold store and Spreespeicher at the east port

Most of the residential buildings are located on the northeast side of the street. After some tenement houses were destroyed at the end of the Second World War , construction workers cleared the ruins. In their place, the East Berlin magistrate had new buildings built in the late 1950s.

Immediately after the intersection of Mühlenstrasse and Warschauer Strasse, in the immediate vicinity of the Oberbaumbrücke , Warschauer Platz branches off behind the elevated railway bridge of the U1 subway line . To the northeast of Stralauer Allee is the Rudolfviertel with a narrow residential area around Rudolfstrasse and Rudolfplatz as well as Oberbaum City .

Parts of the Osthafen, more precisely numbers 1–16, are under monument protection , as well as the Spreespeicher, the egg cold store built in the late 1920s and the double tenement house no. 23a / b from 1900.

On the northeast side of the avenue in front of Warschauer Platz, the Berliner Wasserwerke acquired a larger area and built facilities for the drinking water supply here (plot 38). Some of these industrial buildings have been preserved, but no longer have the address “Stralauer Allee”.

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Coordinates: 52 ° 29 ′ 59 ″  N , 13 ° 27 ′ 24 ″  E