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TU9 German Universities of Technology
legal form registered association
founding January 26, 2006
Seat Berlin , Germany
Chair Wolfram Ressel
Managing directors Nicole Saverschek
Members 9 ( RWTH Aachen , TU Berlin , TU Braunschweig , TU Darmstadt , TU Dresden , Leibniz University Hannover , Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , TU Munich , University of Stuttgart )
Website www.tu9.de

The association TU9 German Universities of Technology e. V. is an association of nine leading technical universities in Germany .


TU9 was founded as a formal association on January 26, 2006. It had previously existed as an informal association since 2003. The founding president (2006–2009) of TU9 was the rector of the then University of Karlsruhe , Horst Hippler . The association's headquarters and offices are in Berlin.

Members of the TU9 association are those technical universities that existed in Germany before 1900. When the association was founded in the Senate Hall of the TU Braunschweig in January 2006, the following presidents or rectors (or their representatives) were present and signed the charter:

The association sees it as its task to be available as a contact for society, business and politics. In particular, it concerns the issues of university engineering training.

Early August 2010. advocated the TU9 universities in favor of the degree of re- diploma introduce -Ingenieurs for graduates of a five-year engineering studies.

University political commitment

As a university network connected primarily through its core subjects in engineering, TU9 pays particular attention to the public perception of topics that are highly relevant for these core subjects. This includes B. the evaluation of the statistics published by the Federal Statistical Office on the acquisition of third-party funding by German universities with a special focus on engineering or the presentation of the importance of the TU9 universities among graduates.


Members of the TU9 association
Surname country carrier Right to award doctorates founding Students was standing
RWTH Aachen NRW NW state Yes 1870 45,628 WS 2019/20
Technical University Berlin BE BE state Yes 1770 35,570 WS 2019/20
Technical University of Braunschweig NI NI state Yes 1745 19,694 WS 2019/20
Darmstadt University of Technology HE HE state Yes 1877 25,170 WS 2019/20
Technical University Dresden SN SN state Yes 1828 31,966 WS 2019/20
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hanover NI NI state Yes 1831 30.197 WS 2019/20
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 1) BW BW state Yes 1825 24,381 WS 2019/20
Technical University of Munich BY BY state Yes 1868 42,705 WS 2019/20
University of Stuttgart BW BW state Yes 1829 25,540 WS 2019/20
1)Until October 2009, the KIT was the University of Karlsruhe (TH) , then merged with the Karlsruhe Research Center.


Surname university Term of office
Horst Hippler Karlsruher Institute for Technology 2006-2009
Ernst Schmachtenberg RWTH Aachen 2010-2013
Hans Jürgen Prömel TU Darmstadt 2014-2017
Wolfram Ressel University of Stuttgart since 2018

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