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Tapti near Duskhede, Jalgaon District

Tapti near Duskhede, Jalgaon District

location Central India
River system Tapti
Drain over Gulf of Khambhat  → Arabian Sea
source near the city of Multai in the Satpura Mountains
21 ° 46 ′ 58 ″  N , 78 ° 15 ′ 13 ″  E
Source height approx.  730  m
muzzle at Surat in the Gulf of Khambhat coordinates: 21 ° 5 '4 "  N , 72 ° 41' 3"  E 21 ° 5 '4 "  N , 72 ° 41' 3"  E
Mouth height m
Height difference approx. 730 m
Bottom slope approx. 1 ‰
length 724 km
Catchment area 61,575 km²
Left tributaries Purna , Girna
Reservoirs flowed through Ukai Dam ( Vallabh Sagar Sarovar Project ), Chandora Dam
Big cities Burhanpur , Bhusawal , Surat
Medium-sized cities Multai
Course of the Tapti

Course of the Tapti

The Tapti or Tapi ( Hindi : ताप्ती, tāptī ; Marathi : तापी, tāpī ) is an approx. 724 km long river in Central and West India that was once navigable to Burhanpur . It is one of only three major rivers in India that flow into the Arabian Sea .


The Tapti rises in the east of the Satpura Mountains near the city of Multai in the Betul district in the state of Madhya Pradesh ; then it flows westwards, partly parallel to the Narmada . They drained mainly to Maharashtra belonging Khandesh region and ends after about 724 km at Surat in the state of Gujarat in the Gulf of Khambhat , d. H. in the Arabian Sea .

Catchment area and flow rate

The catchment area of ​​the Tapti covers approx. 61575 km² (according to other information 65145 km²). At the Kathore gauge , the river has an average annual flow rate of 489 m³ / s, whereby the monthly values ​​can fluctuate between only 2 m³ / s (April, May) and a maximum of 9830 m³ / s (August).


In Indian mythology, Tapati , the river goddess of Tapti, is a daughter of the sun god Vivasvat and his concubine Chhaya . She is the wife of King Samvarana . The source site Multai is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in India.

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Tapti at Surat