Thousand times you

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Thousand times you
Münchener Freiheit
publication March 21, 1986
length 3: 41/8: 12 (maxi version)
Genre (s) Pop rock
Author (s) Armand Volker , S. Zauner , Aron Strobel
Label CBS
album From the beginning

A thousand times you is a song by the German pop rock band Münchener Freiheit . It was released on March 24, 1986 as a single from the album Von Anfang and reached number 9 in Germany, number 25 in Switzerland and number 7 in Austria .

Music and lyrics

The song is a love song that is about dreams, longings and wishes for a relationship. So it says in the chorus: "When dreams float like lights, when we experience this dream, the two of us, a thousand times me - a thousand times you". The instrumentation was mainly done with keyboards and acoustic guitar . Only towards the end there is a short electric guitar use .


A thousand times du was written by Stefan Zauner and Aron Strobel together with Armand Volker and produced by Armand Volker. After the band had their breakthrough in late 1985 with the single Without you (I'm not going to sleep tonight) , they released the corresponding compilation Von Anfang in 1986, which went gold in 1986. In March 1986, a thousand times you was released as a second single.

The song was also released as an 8:12 minute long version. In 1987, the band played an English-language cover version called "Freiheit" under the title Baby It's You . In 1991 a "birthday card CD single" was released, which included, besides a thousand times you , Oh baby and losing in love .


A thousand times du could not quite build on the great success of the previous single, but made it into the top ten in Germany (place ninth, placed 17 weeks) and Austria (place seven, twelve weeks). In Switzerland the song reached number 25 (two weeks). In the Netherlands , the single came in at number 24 (seven weeks).

The Munich Freedom appeared with the song twice in the ZDF hit parade ; she was elected to first place by TED vote on May 21, 1986 and was therefore allowed to sing the song again in the following edition on June 18. On December 6, 1986, the band also played the song in Peter's Pop Show on ZDF . In addition, she appeared in The Super Hit Parade - 10 Years "A Heart for Children" '87 on February 7, 1987 on ZDF.

Cover versions

Cover versions exist of the RIAS Big Band with Horst Jankowski (1996) as an instrumental version, by Marry feat. Marc-el (2006), by Tobee & Marry (2010), by Deborah Sasson (2012) and by Sisterheart (2012).

Track list (maxi single)

page A
  1. A thousand times you (long version) (A. Volker, A. Strobel, S. Zauner) - 8:12
Side B
  1. Cold or hot (A. Strobel, Killer, M. Kunze, S. Zauner) - 3:25
  2. A thousand times you (single version) (A. Volker, A. Strobel, S. Zauner) - 3:41

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