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The Thuringian Woodland is a hilly country with an altitude between 200 and 400 meters in the east of Thuringia , located roughly between Jena in the west and Gera in the east. Due to the relatively sterile soils of the Saale-Elster sandstone slab , it was not converted into arable land by clearing, so that extensive forest areas have been preserved that are intensively used for forestry. It is the namesake of the Saale-Holzland district , the south-eastern part of which it occupies. The center of the Holzland are the neighboring towns of Hermsdorf and Bad Klosterlausnitz , the neighboring landscapes are the Saale valley in the west, the arable land of the Zeitz loess region in the north, the Elstertal in the east and the Orlasenke in the south.

Geographical location

The Thuringian woodland lies between the cities of Eisenberg , Stadtroda and Gera and between the rivers Saale , Weisse Elster and the Orlasenke . Together with Bad Klosterlausnitz, Hermsdorf represents the center of the Thuringian wood country. Originally it consisted of these 9 places: Bad Klosterlausnitz , Hermsdorf , Oberndorf , Kraftsdorf , Reichenbach , Schleifreisen , Sankt Gangloff , Tautenhain and Weißenborn . → for an overview of mountains / elevations see paragraphs (Eastern) Jenaer Scholle and Saale-Elster-Sandsteinplatte of the article List of Mountains in Thuringia

Description and history

The abundance of forests in the landscape arises from the rather sterile soils that have developed from the sandstones of the red sandstone that make up the area. The woodland is therefore only of limited use for agriculture.

In keeping with the abundance of wood in the area, the formerly typical professions such as ladder maker, pitch blacksmith, duldenhauer etc. were quite common, which is why the area is often referred to as ladder land. At the end of the 19th century the porcelain industry (industry in Hermsdorf with household porcelain , especially in Reichenbach ) was added. After 1989 there were a number of spin-offs from the Hermsdorf Ceramic Works (KWH) (from 1990 Tridelta ) and a number of new companies in the field of ceramics , microelectronics , micromechanics , powder metallurgy and industrial services.

For many years the Thuringian woodland has been used as a recreational area in the East Thuringia region and beyond. When the weather is nice, tourists hike in small and large groups through the Zeitzgrund or the Eisenberger Mühltal . Most of the mills have been converted into public restaurants and most of the paths have been renovated.

The railway line between Weimar , Jena and Gera (via Stadtroda – Hermsdorf – Klosterlausnitz) is called the Holzlandbahn .

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