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The new Paderborn theater
The former theater at the town hall in the Volksbank building (demolished in 2010)

The Theater Paderborn - Westfälische Kammerspiele is the theater of the city and the district of Paderborn . It was founded in 1957 by Elert Bode as a private theater in the auditorium of the Theodorianum grammar school and moved to the Volksbank building on Rathausplatz in 1968.

From 1994 to 2013 the house was run by Merula Steinhardt-Unseld. During her 19 years of directorship, there were a number of innovations, not least the new building of the theater on today's “Neuer Platz”.

Katharina Kreuzhage has been the managing director of Theater Paderborn - Westfälische Kammerspiele GmbH since the 2013/14 season. The Paderborn Theater has around 65,000 visitors per season. The company's own ensemble currently consists of ten permanent actors plus guests.


As a rule, the Paderborn Theater performs 15 new productions per season in the main program - seven of them on the main stage, five on the studio stage, two pieces in the Theatertreff and one open-air piece that will be performed in front of the Paderborn City Library from the 2014/15 season. The schedule includes classics, modern classics and contemporary pieces. In addition, a third-party funded mobile children's or youth theater play has been performed annually in the Paderborn district and the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region for several years .


The Westfälische Kammerspiele was founded in 1957 by Elert Bode in the auditorium of the Theodorianum high school as a private theater. In 1968 the venue, which was demolished in 2010, in the main building of Volksbank Paderborn on Rathausplatz (220 seats) was moved into. In 1991, the studio stage in Klingelgasse (50 seats) was added as a second venue. In 1992 the Kammerspiele was converted into a GmbH. Since then, the theater has been supported by a development association that emerged from the previous sponsoring association.

The new building of the theater with almost 500 seats in three venues under one roof on the "Neuer Platz" behind the town hall was opened on September 10, 2011 with Käthchen von Heilbronn by Heinrich von Kleist . The official name of the house is now “Theater Paderborn - Westfälische Kammerspiele”.

Ensemble members

In the current season (2018/19) the ensemble includes Kirsten Potthoff, Ogün Derendeli, Gesa Köhler, Claudia Sutter, David Lukowczyk, Lea Gerstenkorn, Tim Tölke, Carsten Faseler, Robin Berenz, Alexander Wilß, Daniel Minetti and various guest actors. Former ensemble members of the theater are Willi Hagemeier, Josephine Mayer, Nancy Pönitz, Anne Bontemps, Natascha Heimes, Maria Thomas, Stephan Weigelin, Dennis Wiencke, Beate Leclercq, Max Rohland, Achim Amme , Frerk Brockmeyer, Ulrike Fischer, Johannes Hoffmann, Rainer Hustedt, Carolin Karnuth , Rafael Meltzer, Johannes Mölders, Karsten Morschett , Christian Onciu, Thomas Pasieka, Christiane Paulick , Anna Schönberg, Markus Schultz and Thomas Wiesenberg.

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