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Achim Amme (born October 30, 1949 in Celle ; actually Jürgen Ebeling ) is a German author , actor and musician .

Achim wet nurse


Achim Amme graduated from high school in Uetze in 1968, after which he received his high school diploma in Kokomo , IN, USA as an exchange student at the AFS . After dropping out of theater studies , philosophy and German studies in Cologne, he graduated from the Max Reinhardt School for Drama in Berlin. He got his first professional engagement in 1971 with George Tabori . Other theater stations were Göttingen, Paderborn and Hanover, as well as European tours with the Theatermanufaktur Berlin and the Goethe Institute .

Since 1978 Amme has been working as a freelance author with his own volumes of poetry, contributions to numerous anthologies, satires for the Süddeutsche Zeitung (1997–2001) and as an editor for Stern and ZDF (1995–2008). In addition, he tours Germany with various live programs, some with his own and some with foreign texts and songs. The Schwäbische Zeitung wrote: "The quiet among the louder." In 1993 he received a nine-month scholarship stay at the Künstlerhof Schreyahn . Since 1997 Amme has also been working increasingly as an actor for film and television.

Achim Amme is a member of the Association of German Writers (VS) and a Joachim Ringelnatz Prize winner.


Single track

  • Sonnets for Goddesses , Göttingen 1978
  • Who is good to oneself , Göttingen 1982
  • Hell songs , Göttingen 1984
  • Love songs , Friedland 1988
  • Noahs Pa a rty , Göttingen 1996
  • At your own risk - Sexy Sonnets , Merzig 2007
  • Ammes Märchen , Weilerswist 2012
  • Shakespeare's Spirit or All Theater! , Eschach 2014
  • Little Adolf - The story (s) of my grandfather , Hanover 2016
  • Really forbidden! , Weilerswist 2019

Anthologies (selection)

  • It's like in a fairy tale , Göttingen 1985
  • The forest , Munich 1988
  • The Elbe , Munich 1988
  • Witches Stories , Cologne 1988
  • In love , Reinbek near Hamburg 1988
  • You are completely different than expected , Stuttgart 1989
  • The Little Book of Big Thirst , Munich 2002
  • My song , Cadolzburg 2005
  • The North Sea is Wortsee , Neumünster 2006
  • Rock Stories , Munich 2009
  • Little child, ox and donkey , Zurich 2009
  • Where do the words come from? , Weinheim 2011
  • Versnetze_fünf, German-language poetry of the present , Weilerswist 2012
  • Chess brothels , Wandersleben 2012
  • Glücksvogel , Weinheim 2013
  • And nobody believes in me ?! , Vechta 2014
  • Subject - texts currently , Vechta 2015
  • Night bus to Mitte, Berlin poems of today , Berlin 2016
  • My Song - Texts for the Soundtrack of Life , Cadolzburg 2017
  • Versnetze_elf, German-language poetry of the present , Weilerswist 2018
  • Versnetze_13, German-language poetry of the present , Weilerswist 2020

Sound carrier

  • Fuck it , single, 1985
  • Be quiet, you could disturb the peace , MC (lyrics and music) 1988
  • Hand on heart , CD, 1993
  • Noahs Pa a rty , CD (text and music), 2002
  • The world is bad , CD 2011
  • I love you so much , CD 2015
  • Gold right - 50 years of SongReiten , CD 2015
  • Strictly confidential! (Kellerlieder) , CD 2017
  • AmmeRica , CD + LP 2018/19

Filmography (date of year of production, selection)

Live programs

  • Be quiet you could disturb the peace - Literary cabaret
  • Hand on heart - literary cabaret
  • Who is good to themselves - literary cabaret
  • Panoptikum - short films , songs & satire, together with the filmmaker Klaus Weller
  • Panoptikum for children - short films, songs, poems, magic, together with the filmmaker Klaus Weller and the magician Matthias Wesslowski
  • Little Red Riding Hood & Co. - fairy tales - parodies
  • East meets West - songs, satire, poetry from East and West (Germany), together with the musician Paul Bartsch
  • Noahs Pa a rty - Songs, Satire, Poetry (Duo)
  • The Unknown Andersen - Fairy Tales and Life of the Poet
  • At your own risk - drama, love, madness
  • Really forbidden! - A Joachim Ringelnatz program, solo or with the accordionist Ulrich Kodjo Wendt (film musician for Fatih Akin, among others )
  • All You Need Is Love - Lennon's early years (solo or in collaboration with the group The Beatles Connection )
  • The world is bad - songs that make you happy - ChanSongs
  • All You Need Is Love - Lennon's last years (solo or in collaboration with musician Volkwin Müller )
  • 45 minutes to Ramallah - reading a. Workshop talk, together with screenwriter and filmmaker Gabriel Bornstein
  • The amazing story of my grandmother (based on the novel "Two long johns from the Hering brand" by Ariel Magnus ) together with the Berlin historian a. Exhibition organizer Raymond Wolff
  • Little Adolf - The story (s) of my grandfather
  • Kellerlieder , based on the CD nominated for the German Record Critics' Prize in 2018.

Awards (selection)

  • 1980: HIERO-ITZO prose prize (awarded by Guntram Vesper ), Göttingen
  • 1984: Working grant from the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture , Hanover
  • 1985: 1st prize in the radio play competition of the NDR (awarded by Hans Scheibner ), Hamburg
  • 1986: Audience winner at the Joachim Ringelnatz Prize , Cuxhaven
  • 1991: town clerk, Soltau
  • 1992: Screenplay funding from the Lower Saxony Film Fund, Hanover
  • 1993: nine-month literature scholarship from the state of Lower Saxony for the Künstlerhof Schreyahn
  • 1998: Short story award at the Süddeutscher Rundfunk , Karlsruhe
  • 1999: Funding project of the European City of Culture, Weimar
  • 2009: and 2010 finalist at the Potsdam Chanson Festival
  • 2012: "The world is bad" from the CD "The world is bad" from Lied- u. Chanson blog "One eighth of laurel leaf" selected in the list of the 20 "most interesting, fascinating and emotional songs"
  • 2014: Winner of the “Mountain Stories” competition, Lana, South Tyrol
  • 2015: Support of the RWLE Möller Foundation for the book project "Little Adolf - The story (s) of my grandfather"
  • 2015: 1st prize in the “Fairy Tales” category at the “Fun-For-Writing” competition, Berlin (jury including Wladimir Kaminer , Harald Martenstein and Luzia Braun )
  • 2017: “Time for Change” from the CD “Strictly confidential! (Kellerlieder) ": The laurel leaf song of the month 11/2017 (song and chanson blog)
  • 2018: "Strictly confidential! (Kellerlieder) "nominated for the German Record Critics' Prize
  • 2019: Awarded 2nd prize in three categories for the 37th German Rock & Pop Prize: Best Music Video (Einst und Jetzt), Best English / German Text (The Clown / Ein Clown) and Best Booklet and Inlaycard (AMMERICA) .


  • 1958 First publication of a short story
  • 1965 First songs (in English)
  • 1968 German championship in indoor handball in high schools, twice participation in European championships
  • 1972 Last drama student together with Burghart Klaußner , who received his diploma at the Max Reinhardt School for Drama after only two years
  • 1982 theater tour with the Berliner Compagnie , together a. a. with Christian Brückner
  • 1987 "The human being is abolished" - Achim Amme as author, musician, actor and co-director for the video clip for the song of the same name. Numerous festival participations at home and abroad, broadcasts on Australian television
  • 1990 “Panoptikum” - four-week tour of Germany with the Hamburg filmmaker Klaus Weller with funds from the Lower Saxony Film Fund
  • 1992 Pop course (contact course in popular music) at the University of Music and Theater Hamburg , cooperation a. a. with text author Edith Jeske
  • 1994 “A positive song” from the CD “Hand on Heart” on the SWR's top song list
  • 1994 "Let it rain", written for the CD "And have me like ..." by Tim Fischer becomes part of his program "Regen" (2005)
  • 1996 co-founder of the Hamburg script workshop
  • 2007 The book "At Your Own Risk" consists of 66 sonnets, based on interviews with women on the subject: eroticism. It is the first book by a man, entirely from a female point of view, including the foreword by Anne West aka Nina George
  • 2008 Appearance in the stage program for the anniversary celebration "60 Years AFS " in the Admiralspalast, Berlin (with Alfred Biolek and Jörg Thadeusz )
  • 2010 Start of collaboration with The Beatles Connection for "All You Need Is Love - Lennon's Early Years"
  • 2011 Appearance to celebrate the 150 years of friendship between Japan and Germany, at the invitation of the Goethe Institute and the German Embassy, ​​Tokyo. The songwriter Gisbert zu Knyphausen and the band Blackmail were also present
  • 2013 "Really good people came, for example the cabaret artist Achim Amme was there ..." Dieter Gurkasch , Leben Reloaded, © 2013, Kailash Verlag, Munich, in the Random House GmbH publishing group, about Amme's appearance in the Fuhlsbüttel prison
  • 2013 start of cooperation with the guitarist u. Singer Volkwin Müller for "Lennon's Last Years"
  • 2018 collaboration with the British musician and producer Julian Dawson for the music album (CD + LP) "AmmeRica"

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