Theodoric II of Wied

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Seal of Theodoric II.

Theodoric II von Wied , also called Dietrich von Wied (* around 1170 ; † March 28, 1242 ), was Archbishop and Elector of Trier from 1212 to 1242 .

He was a son of Dietrich I von Wied , his mother's name is unknown. Theodoric was first mentioned in a document in 1189. Theodoric worked as provost at St. Kunibert in Cologne from around 1196 to 1212 . In 1205 he also held this office at Rees and in 1210 was Grand Archdeacon of Trier and Provost of St. Paulin .

At the beginning of his tenure as archbishop, Theoderich was taken prisoner by Count Heinrich II. Von Nassau , because the archbishop had built Montabaur Castle to secure the holdings on the right bank of the Rhine , which was a thorn in the side of Nassauer. Despite the capture, the construction of the castle was finished and Theodoric was free again in 1214.

In 1220, work on the Liber annalium iurium was finished, an overview of the property rights and income of the Trier church.

Theodorich began building the Church of Our Lady in Trier around 1230 and inaugurated Limburg Cathedral in 1235 . He massively promoted the establishment of the Order of St. John and the Teutonic Order in Trier and Koblenz (see Deutschordenskommende Koblenz and Deutsches Eck ).

The extinction of the Lords of Malberg led to disputes in the Eifel. To secure the Trier possessions, Theoderich built the Kyllburg around 1240 .

In terms of Reich politics, the Archbishop was firmly on the Staufer side in the Staufer-Welf throne dispute. This attitude led to opposition with the Archbishop of Cologne and Mainz, who were on the side of the Guelphs.

He is buried in Trier Cathedral .


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