They - they are coming

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German title They - you are coming
Original title Wes Craven Presents: They
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Robert Harmon
script Brendon William Hood
production Tony Blain
Tom Engelman
Ted Field
Barbara Kelly
Scott Kroopf
David Linde
John Mariella
music Elia Cmiral
camera Rene Ohashi
cut Chris Peppe

They - come (original title: Wes Craven Presents They or shortly They , Alternative title: They - Fear the Darkness ) is an American horror film of 2002. In spite of the original title did not lead Wes Craven , but Robert Harmon directed. Laura Regan took on the leading role.


Julia learns from her boyfriend Billy that he has had nightmares since childhood. Although she felt the same way in childhood, she doesn't believe him. Desperate Billy commits suicide, but Julia finds two more comrades in suffering and the nightmares plague her from bad to worse. Eventually, it turns out that she is being haunted by beings that are invisible to other people. Having just escaped, Julia goes to an institution. But even the doctors cannot prevent that they ultimately cannot escape the creatures.


TV-Spielfilm writes of a "hackneyed plot", but in the end it comes to a positive conclusion, since "the whole thing pulls [one] more and more under its spell".

Mario Rössel writes that the film relies "on the atmosphere and the imagination of the audience" and "plays well with the fears of the audience". He also praises the performance of the leading actress Laura Regan. On the negative side, he notes that the film is partly predictable and nothing new for fans of the genre, and he also noticed some lengths in the plot.


The film premiered on November 27, 2002 in the USA and on August 16, 2003 at the Hamburg Film Festival . They were a financial failure, grossing only about $ 16 million on a production budget of about $ 17 million. The film was shot in Canada.

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