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Hans Heinz Tobias Brocher (born April 21, 1917 in Danzig ; † October 30, 1998 in Munich ) was a German psychiatrist , psychoanalyst and social psychologist . He expanded psychoanalysis to include the socio-psychological aspect, turned to group therapy as one of the first analysts and co-founded the magazine “Group Dynamics”.


Brocher studied in Berlin psychology, education, medicine and philosophy and graduated in 1942 with state examinations and promotion for Dr. med. from. He then completed further training in psychoanalysis . After the Second World War , he opened a private psychoanalytical practice in Ulm , where he founded a “parents 'school” (a family and parents' counseling service) that was widely regarded at the time in 1954 and which he directed until 1962.

In 1949 Brocher founded the German Society for Psychotherapy and Depth Psychology ( DGPT ; today: German Society for Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Depth Psychology eV ), of which he was chairman from 1964 to 1968, together with Viktor von Weizsäcker , Wilhelm Bitter and Alexander Mitscherlich . 1956 Brocher became chairman of the institute for psychotherapy and depth psychology in Stuttgart . In 1963, together with Donald Nylen , he organized the first group dynamics seminar (“Schliersee Seminar” for teachers) in Germany.

From 1962 to 1970 Brocher was Professor of Social Psychology at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh , USA. Also from 1962 he was deputy director of the social psychology department of the Sigmund Freud Institute in Frankfurt am Main . He was an honorary member of the German Psychoanalytical Society and was also part of the board and advisory board of the Humanist Union . He taught and researched at the Menninger Foundation , a foundation in Topeka, Kansas that operates medical facilities.

Parts of his book From the Difficulty To Love were quoted by Heinz Körner in his bestseller Johannes .

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