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Dead moon
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General information
origin Backnang , Germany
Genre (s) Extreme Metal , Crustcore , Death Metal
founding 1984 as vermouth
Founding members
Olaf "Pazzer"
SP Senz
Current occupation
Vocals , electric guitar
Olaf "Pazzer"
Mustard (since 2002)
SP Senz
former members
Schiff (1987-1989)
Attilla (1986-1987)
Electric bass
Roberto Garcia (1991-2000)

Totenmond is a German metal band from Backnang founded in 1984 .

Band history

The band was originally founded in 1984 by SP Senz and Olaf “Pazzer” as a punk band called “Wermut”. In 1986 Attila got on as a singer , who left the band after a year and was replaced by Schiff. In 1988 Wermut played mainly in various youth clubs, and in 1989 Schiff also left the band.

A year later the band was renamed Totenmond , bassist Roberto Garcia joined in 1991, and Olaf took over the vocals from 1992. Like wormwood, Totenmond initially played mainly in youth clubs. In 1993, 1994 and 1995 a demo tape was released, with the '95 receiving the title The Battle . Their first official album Lichtbringer was released in 1996 via Massacre Records . The band then toured Germany together with Atrocity , In Flames and Heavenwood.

In the mid-1990s, after the success of Rammstein, the band was repeatedly associated with the New German Hardship . A comparison which, however, was more due to the financial interests of various record companies and should not be understood as an objective evaluation of the music of Totenmond's.

In 1997 the EP Father Frost was released and Totenmond appeared for the first time at the Wacken Open Air , the Dynamo Festival and the Force Attack Festival . Afterwards they played a European tour with The Spudmonsters and Crisis and a Germany tour with Orphanage and Within Temptation .

In 1998 the second album was released with Fleischwald and a year later further festival appearances followed at the With Full Force , Force Attack and Wacken Open Air Festival. After the festivals the band went on a European tour again, this time together with Bolt Thrower , Crowbar and Disbelief .

The third album Reich in Rost followed in 2000 , and Roberto Garcia left the band. The following year, the fourth album Auf dem Mond ein Feuer was released , on which numerous German punk classics from the 1980s (including Slime and Razzia ) and songs by Ton Steine ​​Scherben were reinterpreted in the Totenmond-style. With "Senf" the band got a bassist again in 2002 and appeared again in 2003 at the With Full Force Festival. A year later it was published under Bone and in 2005 TonbergUrtod .

On April 25, 2008, the album Weirdos was released . After that, Deadmoon withdrew for several years. It was not until August 19, 2016 that they released their eighth studio album with their home label Massacre Records with The Last Moon Before the Beil .


The style of Dead Moon has a wide variety of influences. Influences from Doom Metal and Crustcore as well as Black Metal and Death Metal can be found in the songs. Sometimes the band is wrongly assigned to Metalcore , with which, however, in its narrower definition, they have little in common.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
The last moon before the ax
  DE 48 08/26/2016 (1 week)


  • 1993: Demo 1
  • 1994: Demo 2
  • 1995: The battle



  • 1997: Father Frost
  • 1999: Dead Moon Sharp Edition

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