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Totju Andonow , Bulgarian Тотю Андонов , (born February 9, 1958 in Stara Sagora ) is a former Bulgarian wrestler . In 1981 he was European champion in the Greco-Roman style in paper weight.


Totju Andonow began wrestling as a teenager in his hometown and developed into an outstanding wrestler in the Greco-Roman style. He was very light and wrestled throughout his career in paper weight, the weight class up to 48 kg body weight. He has faced tough competition in his weight class in Bulgaria throughout his senior career. At first these were Stefan Angelow , Pawel Christow and Georgi Georgijew , then, from 1982, it was Bratan Zenow and Ortze Ortzew .

In 1978 he made his first start at an international championship. He was in Oulu Junior European Champion (Espoirs = age group up to the age of 20) ahead of Timor Taimuras Kasaraschwili , USSR and Roman Kierpacz , Poland . His first use with the seniors took place at the 1980 European Championships in Prievidza . He reached 3rd place there with four wins and two defeats. He defeated u. a. Freddy Scherer from the Federal Republic of Germany and lost to Saksylik Uschkempirow from the USSR and to Roman Kierpacz. At the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow , Pawel Christow represented Bulgaria's paper-weight colors.

Totju Andonow was then back at the start at the 1981 European Championships in Gothenburg . There he defeated Reijo Haaparanta from Finland , Jon Rønningen from Norway , Vincenzo Maenza from Italy , Salih Bora from Turkey and Wiktor Sawtschuk from the USSR . At the world championship of the same year in Oslo Torio Andonow met after a victory over Reijo Haaparanta in the 2nd round on the Olympic champion from 1980 Saksylik Uschkempirow and was defeated by this after an even fight with 8: 9 techn. Points. After that he won over Vincenzo Maenza and Ferenc Seres from Hungary , but lost a medal through a surprising defeat against Leszek Majkowski from Poland. He finally finished in 5th place.

In 1982 Totju Andonow was still used at the European Championships in Varna . He came in 3rd place behind Wassili Anikin from the USSR and Csaba Vadász from Hungary and left Jon Rønningen , Salih Bora and Freddy Scherer behind. At the 1982 World Cup, Bulgaria used the paper weight Bratan Zenow , who was also mostly Bulgaria's starter in this weight class in the following years. Totju Andonow got no chance at international championships, but was still active on the national level for a few years.

International success

year space competition Weight class
1978 1. Junior European Championship (Espoirs) in Oulu paper in front of Timor Taimuras Kasaraschwili , USSR , Roman Kierpacz , Poland , Vaclav Janota , ČSSR u. Giuseppe Caltabiano , Italy
1979 2. Klippan tournament paper behind Pawel Christow , Bulgaria , in front of Mansson, Sweden a. Roman Kierpacz
1980 3. EM in Prievidza paper with victory over Vaclav Janota, defeat against Saksylik Uschkempirow , USSR, victories over Kent Andersson , Sweden, Ferenc Seres , Hungary a . Freddy Scherer , FRG a . a loss to Roman Kierpacz
1981 2. Klippan tournament paper behind Bojko, USSR, in front of Jon Rønningen , Norway
1981 1. Grand Prix of the FRG in Aschaffenburg paper in front of Wieslaw Kucinski , Poland, Timor Taimuras Kasaraschwili , TJ Jones, USA a. Mihai Cișmaș , Romania
1981 1. EM in Gothenburg paper with victories over Kent Andersson , Jon Rønningen , Vincenzo Maenza , Italy, Salih Bora , Turkey a . Viktor Savchuk , USSR
1981 5. World Cup in Oslo paper with victory over Reijo Haaparanta , Finland , defeat against Saksylik Uschkempirow , victory over Vincenzo Maenza , defeat against Leszek Majkowski , Poland a. Victory over Ferenc Seres
1982 3. EM in Varna paper behind Wassili Anikin , USSR a. Csaba Vadász , Hungary, before Lars Rønningen , Salih Bora u. Freddy Scherer
1983 1. Grand Prix of the FRG in Aschaffenburg paper before Markus Scherer , FRG, Bükk Anders, Sweden and Jan Falandys , Poland
1988 1. TUL tournament in Vantaa / Finland paper before Samsetdin Abbasow, USSR a. Jan Ulbrich , GDR

Note: all competitions in the Greco-Roman style, WM = World Championship, EM = European Championship, paper weight, at that time up to 48 kg body weight


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