Tour de France 2004/9. stage

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Stand after 9th stage
Stage winner Robbie McEwen 3:32:55 h
Second Thor Hushovd +0: ​​00 min
Third Stuart O'Grady +0: ​​00 min
Yellow jersey Thomas Voeckler 36:36:31 h
Second Stuart O'Grady +2: 53 min
Third Sandy Casar +4: 06 min
Green jersey Robbie McEwen 195 P.
Second Thor Hushovd 177 P.
Third Stuart O'Grady 175 P.
Dotted jersey Paolo Bettini 20 p.
Second Janek Tombak 14 P.
Third Ronny Scholz 12 p.
White jersey Thomas Voeckler 36:36:31 h
Second Sandy Casar +4: 06 min
Third Matthias Kessler +10: 49 min

After the rest day , the ninth stage of the Tour de France 2004 led from Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat to Guéret over 160.5 km. This was the shortest of the tour - apart from the time trial. The profile was quite wavy and so many attacks followed.

Shortly after the start, eight drivers pulled away slightly. Among others Jens Voigt , Sebastian Lang and the yellow jersey , Thomas Voeckler . However, the 173 riders strong field did not let the group get away because the yellow jersey was in the group. At ten kilometers, Voigt, Daniel Becke , Unai Etxebarria , Sunderland and Marcos Serrano attacked .

However, this attack was again thwarted by the main field. After that there was an attempt by Halgand, Perreiro and Peron, which was followed by Iban Mayo , Azevedo and Hruska and Richard Virusque . However, because of Mayo, this group was also put back.

After many smaller attacks, the Spaniard Landaluze and the Italian Simeoni finally managed to get a lead of a maximum of ten minutes. Later, the Dutchman Karsten Kroon tried to catch up with the two, but he did not succeed. He let himself fall back into the field.

The lead of the leading group decreased continuously. In addition, there were a few attacks at the end, but these were thwarted again by the field. The field was able to catch up with the leading group in the last 20 meters and Robbie McEwen was able to secure his second stage by a few millimeters before Thor Hushovd .

Intermediate sprints

Intermediate sprint 1 in Gentioux (55.5 km)

First Iñigo Landaluze , 6 p. And 6 s
Second Filippo Simeoni, 4 p. And 4 s
Third Robbie McEwen 2 p. And 2 s

Intermediate sprint 2 in Felletin (77.5 km)

First Filippo Simeoni , 6 p. And 6 s
Second Iñigo Landaluze, 4 p. And 4 s
Third Karsten Kroon, 2 P. and 2 s

Intermediate sprint 3 in Pontarion (116 km)

First Filippo Simeoni , 6 p. And 6 s
Second Iñigo Landaluze, 4 p. And 4 s
Third Jimmy Casper, 2 p. And 2 s

Mountain prices

Mountain Prize 1

Côte de la Croix de Mapertuis, category 4
First Richardirusesque , 3 points
Second Iban Mayo, 2 points
Third Igor González de Galdeano, 1 point

Mountain price 2

Côte d'Aubusson, category 4
First Iñigo Landaluze , 3 points
Second Filippo Simeoni, 2 points
Third Karsten Kroon, 1 point