US Darts Masters 2018

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US Darts Masters 2018

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Tournament status

Tournament type Invitation tournament
organizer PDC
venue Mandala Bay ,
Las Vegas
Tournament dates
Defending champion NetherlandsNetherlands Michael van Gerwen
Attendees 16
Opening game 6th July 2018
Endgame 7th July 2018
Prize money (total) £ 60,000
Prize money (winner) £ 20,000
winner ScotlandScotland Gary Anderson

The US Darts Masters is a tournament in darts and was held for the second time by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) from July 6th to 7th, 2018 . It was the second event of the 2018 World Series of Darts . The venue was Mandala Bay in Las Vegas .

The tournament was won by the Scot Gary Anderson , who prevailed in the final with 8: 4 legs against the Englishman Rob Cross .


A total of 16 players took part in the tournament. The field of participants consisted of the four best placed players of the PDC Order of Merit at the beginning of the year and four wildcard players. In addition, eight local players took part, who were able to qualify in a qualifying tournament. They started the tournament as unseeded players.

The tournament was played in a knockout system . The first round was played on July 6th, the game mode was a best of 11 legs . The quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final, which all took place on July 7th, were played in the best of 15 legs mode .

Prize money

The tournament totaled £ 60,000 in prize money. The prize money was distributed among the participants as follows:

Position (number of players) Prize money
winner (1) £ 20,000
finalist (1) £ 10,000
Semi-finalists (2) £ 5,000
Quarter finalists (4) £ 2,500
Round of 16 players (8th) £ 1,250
£ 60,000

Since this is an invitation tournament, the prize money won was not taken into account when calculating the PDC Order of Merit.


The following 16 players were qualified for the US Darts Masters 2018:

  • The 4 first placed players of the PDC Order of Merit , all of whom were seeded
  • The 4 wildcard participants
  • 8 local qualifiers

PDC Order of Merit

Wildcard participant

Local players

Seeding list

The current position in the World Series ranking is the basis for the seeding list.

No. player Round reached

01. ScotlandScotland Peter Wright Semifinals
02. ScotlandScotland Gary Anderson victory
03. NetherlandsNetherlands Michael van Gerwen Quarter finals
04th EnglandEngland Rob Cross final


  1st round July 6th 2018
best of 11 legs
  Quarterfinals July 7th, 2018
best of 15 legs
  Semi-finals July 7th, 2018
best of 15 legs
  Final July 7th 2018
best of 15 legs
1 ScotlandScotland Peter Wright 89.52 6th                  
United StatesUnited States Joseph Huffman 87.08 4th  
1 ScotlandScotland Peter Wright 88.08 8th
  Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Daryl Gurney 85.1 6th  
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Daryl Gurney 98.37 6th
CanadaCanada John Norman Jnr 93.41 2  
1 ScotlandScotland Peter Wright 94.46 3
  4th EnglandEngland Rob Cross 95.13 8th  
4th EnglandEngland Rob Cross 105.73 6th      
CanadaCanada Ross Snook 85.19 1  
4th EnglandEngland Rob Cross 100.91 8th
  EnglandEngland Michael Smith 99.17 6th  
EnglandEngland Michael Smith 91.25 6th
CanadaCanada David Cameron 82.34 1  
4th EnglandEngland Rob Cross 97.22 4th
  2 ScotlandScotland Gary Anderson 102.56 8th
2 ScotlandScotland Gary Anderson 112.63 6th            
United StatesUnited States Dennis Sayre 85.45 1  
2 ScotlandScotland Gary Anderson 97.52 8th
  CanadaCanada Dawson Murschell 82.45 5  
WalesFlag of Wales (1959 – present) .svg Gerwyn Price 87.44 2
CanadaCanada Dawson Murschell 84.94 6th  
2 ScotlandScotland Gary Anderson 100.33 8th
  EnglandEngland James Wade 04/10 7th  
3 NetherlandsNetherlands Michael van Gerwen 101.33 6th      
CanadaCanada Jeff Smith 87.46 0  
NetherlandsNetherlands Michael van Gerwen 104.54 3
  EnglandEngland James Wade 102.45 8th  
EnglandEngland James Wade 92.51 6th
United StatesUnited States Danny Lauby 90.63 5  


In German-speaking countries, the event was not broadcast on TV. However, the paid streaming platform DAZN broadcast all games live.

Internationally, all games were broadcast by the PDC on

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