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Ulrich Im Hof (born August 14, 1917 in St. Gallen ; † July 29, 2001 in Köniz ; authorized to reside in Basel and Schaffhausen ) was a Swiss historian .


The son of a lawyer studied history and German at the University of Basel , a. a. with Werner Kaegi . During his studies, Im Hof ​​became a member of the Zofingia . It was in 1944 with a dissertation on Isaac Iselin doctorate .

Until 1968 he worked as a high school teacher in St. Gallen, Basel and Bern . He was chairman of the association of Swiss history teachers and chairman of the working committee for advanced training courses in citizenship education . From 1965 he was a member of the Council of the General History Research Society of Switzerland .

In 1965 he was at the University of Bern habilitation , where he in 1968 for extraordinary and in 1970 full professor for Swiss history of the early modern period was appointed. In 1982 he retired .

He was particularly concerned with the 18th century, the history of universities and socializing in the ancien régime .

He was married to the escape assistant and human rights activist Anne-Marie Im Hof-Piguet .

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