Vegas (TV series, 1978)

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Television series
German title Vegas
Original title Vega $
Vegas tv 1978.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1978-1981
length 46 minutes
Episodes 69 in 3 seasons ( list )
genre Detective film
Theme music Dominic Frontiere
idea Michael Mann
production Aaron Spelling
music Dominic Frontiere
John Beal
Artie Kane
First broadcast April 25, 1978 (USA) on ABC
first broadcast
August 9, 1980 on ZDF

Vegas was an American crime series by producer Aaron Spelling that was broadcast on ABC television from 1978 to 1981 . In Germany, the series was first broadcast on ZDF in August 1980 .


Dan Tanna ( Robert Urich ) works as a private detective in Las Vegas . His home is a warehouse in which he has made his home and which allows him to park his red Ford Thunderbird, which was equipped with one of the then very rare car phones , in the living room. He is supported by his bumbling assistant Binzer ( Bart Braverman ), who as a former petty criminal proves useful every now and then, his secretary Beatrice ( Phyllis Davis ) and the Indian chief Harlon Twoleaf ( Will Sampson ). One of his regular clients is the hotel owner Philip Roth ( Tony Curtis ), with whom he is good friends.

main characters

Daniel "Dan" Tanna

Daniel Tanna (Robert Urich) is the main character of the series and a private detective in Las Vegas. His military career and experience in Vietnam have made him a good marksman and knowledgeable about explosives. Some experiences from this time catch up with him again and again and he still has some old comrades who have remained friends. He is not married and has many friendly relationships with women. In addition, he is very well known and feared in the city, as he is considered incorruptible. He lives in a converted warehouse of the Desert Inn Hotel and can also drive his car right into the living room. First, this is a yellow and black Corvette C2 , which after being set on fire by strangers, is replaced by the famous red Ford Thunderbird '57.

Beatrice "Bea" Travis

Bea works as a secretary at Tanna and also works as a dancer at the Desert Inn. She has a daughter (Julie, who appears in three episodes), organizes a lot for Dan, and is a valuable help with female clients. She is portrayed by Phyllis Davis . In the pilot film and the early episodes, two children have short dialogues, but this concept was then changed.

Bobby "Binzer" Borso

Binzer ( Bart Braverman ) is a petty criminal who was supposed to shadow Tanna. Tanna was able to convince him through a conversation to leave this career and work for him as an observer or spy. Binzer develops into a good friend and observer, but he cannot solve difficult tasks to Tanna's satisfaction. Usually it is too slow or is too easily confused and influenced by target persons. In the episode Mordpoker he almost becomes the victim of a gambling addicted banker ( Leslie Nielsen ) in order to silence him as a witness to a murder.

Harlan Two Leaf

Two Leaf is an Indian from the Apache reservation off Las Vegas. He is a good friend of Tanna's from Vietnam. Due to his size and strength, he has a very frightening effect on Tanna's opponents, which Dan often uses for bodyguard services. After the death of Chief Gray Bear as a result of smoke signals over the mountain , Two Leaf also became Chief of his reservation. Two Leaf was portrayed by the actor Will Sampson , who died in 1987 and who became known for the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest .

Sgt. Bella Archer

Police officer Bella Archer ( Naomi Stevens ) is the good soul in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. She often advises Tanna not to destroy too much private property in his investigation, as he has to replace it from his own coffers. In addition, she is a good information point for Tanna from a police point of view (laboratory and autopsy reports).

Lt. David "Dave" Nelson

Lt. Nelson is another good friend and police helper for Tanna along with Bella. He doesn't appear in every criminal case; he lives with his mother, divorced sister and their two children. As a result, an eye for an eye , he and his family are threatened by a father ( Robert Loggia ) who wants to take revenge for the death of his son. He was played by Greg Morris , also known as Barney Collier in the series Cobra Take Over . In the pilot, Lt. Nelson was still addressed by the first name George.

Philip "Slick" Roth

Portrayed by Hollywood star Tony Curtis , who died in 2010 , Roth was like a close friend of Dan Tanna. He is a good-humored hotel owner who gives Tanna a few jobs without causing a stir. In special cases Dan is a good source of background information for important clients. A running gag is usually a sudden meeting of the two in the Desert Inn, with Roth Tanna presenting his new achievement or his new project (in a similar nonchalance to Danny Wilde from Die 2 ). As a result of a kind of slave trade , Roth even freed him from the house of the girl traffickers himself.

Angie Turner

Angie is a young up-and-coming dancer and sometimes represents Bea on the phone. She was portrayed by Judy Landers as a stupid blonde who often misunderstood or mixed up some information. As a result, Love Has Its Victims , she almost becomes the victim of a rapist. Her role was limited to Season 1 only.

Episode list

Broadcast Notes

Between the broadcast of the pilot and the first regular episode, Robert Urich made an appearance, called " crossover " in the media , as Dan Tanna in a Las Vegas episode of Charlie's Angels , which was also produced by Aaron Spelling.

Hollywood legend Tony Curtis, who appears in 16 episodes, is a permanent guest star. Originally, Curtis was only supposed to have a brief appearance in the pilot episode, but it was so well received by the audience that it became a recurring role. Curtis is reported to have received exorbitant fees for his incisive short appearances, which exceeded those of Robert Urich.

In 1980/81, 27 episodes of the series were broadcast on ZDF , including the 74-minute pilot film, while Pro 7 showed the remaining 42 episodes in 1989/90. Vegas was repeated by several broadcasters, the most recent being Anixe HD .


The German dubbed version was made at the Arena Synchron in Berlin. Gert Günther Hoffmann , Harald Philipp , Frank Glaubrecht and Wolfgang Schick were responsible for the dialogue book and dialogue direction . Initially, 27 episodes were dubbed on behalf of ZDF (1980) and later another 42 episodes for Pro7 (1989).

role actor Voice actor ( ZDF ) Voice actor ( ProSieben )
Dan Tanna Robert Urich Frank Glaubrecht Frank Glaubrecht
Bea Phyllis Davis Ursula Heyer Monica Bielenstein
Binzer Bart Braverman Joachim Tennstedt Joachim Tennstedt
Bella Naomi Stevens Inge Estate Bettina Schön
Angie Turner Judy Landers Anita Kupsch Ilse Pagé
Two leaf Will Sampson Edgar Ott Manfred Lehmann
Lt. Nelson Greg Morris Peter Neusser Peter Neusser
Philip Roth Tony Curtis Eckart Dux Eckart Dux


  • In the United States, all three seasons were released in two volumes from October 20, 2009 to August 14, 2012. In Germany, the first season was released in July 2013. The other two seasons followed in October and November 2013.
  • In the 1960s to 1980s it was common for the English toy company Corgi Toys , made famous by the 007 Aston Martin, to also bring US series vehicles onto the market. In 1980 a model of the 57 series Ford Thunderbird in the size 1:36 and 1:60 was created.

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