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Gustav Robert Viktor Hantzsch (born May 10, 1868 in Dresden ; † November 12, 1910 there ) was a German geographer and historian .


Viktor Hantzsch was the son of the Dresden local history researcher and teacher Adolf Hantzsch (1841–1920) and his wife Emma Hantzsch (1842–1889). The ornithologist and polar explorer Bernhard Hantzsch (1875–1911) was one of his siblings. Johann Friedrich Jencke , founder of the institution for the deaf and dumb in Dresden, was a maternal great-uncle.

Hantzsch married Ella Volkammer (1888–1943) in 1908, and the marriage resulted in a daughter.


After training as a teacher from 1882 to 1888 at the Friedrichstädter Seminar in Dresden and working for several years as an auxiliary and community school teacher in Cossebaude , Löbtau and Dresden, Hantzsch began studying at the University of Leipzig in 1892 . He devoted himself mainly to studies in geography (with Friedrich Ratzel ) and history (with Karl Lamprecht ) and received his doctorate in 1895 with the thesis The overseas companies of the Augsburg Welser . Around 1895, Hantzsch fell ill with tuberculosis , took a spa stay and the like. a. in Davos , interrupted his activities. On New Year's Day 1902 he was retired due to illness. As early as 1899, on the recommendation of Professor Ratzel, who was on friendly terms with him, he had already worked as a freelance academic assistant at the Royal Public Library in Dresden in the map collection, which he cataloged and organized. Soon he was also in charge of the map collection, which had around 30,000 pages. In addition, in 1900 he was entrusted with the preliminary organization of the material for the “Bibliography of Saxon History”.

Since 1899 he was a permanent employee of the Central Literary Gazette for Germany , he was also an employee of the General German Biography (ADB) and the Biographical Yearbook and German Nekrologs .

His most important work is a monograph on Sebastian Münster .

The Hantzschstrasse in Dresden is named after the Hantzsch brothers.


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