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Making a vinaigrette

Vinaigrette ( diminutive from French vinaigre "vinegar") is a cold sauce made from vinegar , oil , salt and, depending on the recipe, other ingredients such as herbs and mustard . It is served with salad , cooked vegetables , meat and steamed fish .


To prepare it, first dissolve salt in wine vinegar, then add about three times the amount of oil and whisk everything into an emulsion . In addition to pepper, usual supplements are a little sugar , herbs such as parsley , chives , chervil , tarragon or dill and also capers , finely chopped onions or shallots or garlic . The emulsion can be stabilized by adding emulsifying ingredients such as mustard or (hard-boiled) egg yolk .

Other names and variants

Russian vinaigrette

In British English , a vinaigrette is sometimes called French dressing , but in American English it is a salad dressing that contains mayonnaise or cream and ketchup .

In Russian cuisine , vinaigrette (винегрет) is not a sauce, but a salad made from cooked vegetables (such as potatoes , carrots , beetroot ), pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut with oil and salt. It is one of the traditional festive dishes there.