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The yolk of six chicken eggs
Free-range eggs (left) and organic eggs (right)

In general food science, the egg yolk of the hen's egg is called the yolk .


It consists of approx. 48% water , 33% fat , high-quality proteins , minerals ( calcium , phosphorus , iron ) and vitamins (A, B and E) for human nutrition . The proportion of cholesterol is significant, but the effect on the human organism is controversial. The ingredient lecithin helps as an emulsifier in the production of emulsions such as mayonnaise , Dutch sauce , desserts , creams and ice cream .

According to EU marketing standards, eggs of quality class A show the quality feature of the yolk that it is only visible in the form of a shadow and without a clear contour line when the egg is x-rayed and does not deviate significantly from the central position when the egg is turned. Eggs that deviate from this (class B) may only be given to the industry, i.e. not to the end consumer . Egg yolks emptied on a plate from fresh eggs are strongly curved, those from older eggs are flat. In the case of overlaid eggs, the yolk membrane can tear when the egg is broken.

Egg yolks whipped with sugar are an important ingredient in dough masses , but otherwise egg foam is also used to prepare Salzburg dumplings or wine foam . Foams and creams whipped over steam must not boil, otherwise the egg yolk will flocculate and the dish will “spoil”. If butter, sugar and egg yolk are to be stirred until frothy, butter and sugar are first stirred until the egg yolk is added, this can create a foamy water-in-oil emulsion , otherwise an undesirable oil-in-water emulsion can arise. with the butter flakes swimming in an egg mass. Mayonnaise, on the other hand, is an intended oil-in-water emulsion, for which oil is whipped drop by drop or in a thin stream into an aqueous phase consisting of egg yolk and lemon juice or vinegar .

Egg yolk is mostly used like whole egg , but it is better for alloying . In the manufacture of pastries, it is used as an ingredient and to coat the pieces of dough before baking .

The color of the egg yolk comes from the carotene compounds in common chicken feed. The color can be varied between pale yellow and deep orange by adding special feed. There are regionally different preferences among consumers. In the far north, pale yellow egg yolks are preferred, while in the south the consumer desire for golden yellow yolks is growing. In the Mediterranean region, eggs with bright orange-red yolks are more likely to be bought.

Egg yolk cream

To make it, hard-boiled egg yolks are crushed by passing them through a hair sieve . Then you bind it by adding butter , mayonnaise or table mustard and season it with table salt , pepper and herbs . It is a basic cream in cold kitchens , especially when decorating canapés and making sandwiches .


In painting, yolk is used as a binder for egg tempera paints .


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