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Walter frog
2008 Walter Frosch.jpg
Walter Frosch 2008
birthday December 19, 1950
place of birth Ludwigshafen am RheinGermany
date of death 23rd November 2013
Place of death HamburgGermany
position Defense
Years station Games (goals) 1
0000-1970 Arminia Ludwigshafen
1970-1974 SV Alsenborn 87 0(9)
1974-1976 1. FC Kaiserslautern 43 0(3)
1976-1982 FC St. Pauli 170 (22)
1982-1985 Altona 93 32 0(2)
1 Only league games are given.

Walter Frosch (born December 19, 1950 in Ludwigshafen am Rhein , † November 23, 2013 in Hamburg ) was a German football player .



After the 1969/70 season with Arminia Ludwigshafen in the 1st Amateur League Southwest , 19-year-old chimney sweep Walter Frosch moved to the Regionalliga Südwest for SV Alsenborn . For four seasons, the defender was a regular in the then most famous village club in the republic. With the introduction of the 2nd Bundesliga, he had to return to the amateur camp with the SVA in 1974/75. The DFB refused the athletically qualified club the license for the newly created foundation of the Bundesliga. In the winter change period of 1974, the neighboring Bundesliga club 1. FC Kaiserslautern signed the ex-Ludwigshafener. But there was a dispute with FC Bayern Munich , in which Frosch had also signed a contract at the insistence of its manager Robert Schwan. While the two clubs were fighting over his future, Frosch traveled to Mallorca to see the result there. The DFB made the decision that Frosch had to fulfill his contract with Kaiserslautern; he was also banned for four months.

First and Second Bundesliga

On November 23, 1974, Frosch played his first Bundesliga game . In the 75th minute he was substituted on in the away game against Hertha BSC by coach Erich Ribbeck . In the Bundesliga season 1975/76 he was the undisputed regular defender. This season was outstanding thanks to the successes in the DFB Cup . Walter Frosch contributed to Kaiserslautern prevailing against Hertha BSC in the semi-finals and thus reaching the final. Kaiserslautern lost the final on June 26, 1976 against Hamburger SV 2-0. Frosch played 50 games for the Palatinate, in which he scored four goals.

In the summer of 1976 he moved to the 2nd Bundesliga for FC St. Pauli . In the 1976/77 season, the team under coach Diethelm Ferner was promoted to the Bundesliga. The decisive factor here was a series of 27 games without defeat, in which Walter Frosch was one of the cornerstones of the defensive. At the beginning of the 1977/78 season , Frosch and Gino Ferrin fell out for months, which led to problems on the defensive. After his recovery, Frosch made 18 missions; however, he couldn't prevent FC St. Pauli from finally relegating.

In the following season under the later Danish national coach Josef Piontek , Frosch reached sixth place with the team. Due to financial problems, however, the club's license was withdrawn, so that he had to compete in the amateur Oberliga Nord in the 1980/81 season. There Frosch won the championship with FC St. Pauli, but no league team was allowed to move up into the newly introduced single-track 2nd Bundesliga. In the competition for the German amateur championship in 1981, the team around Libero Walter Frosch moved into the final after successes over 1. FSV Mainz 05 and MTV Ingolstadt, which was lost 2-0 to the amateurs of 1. FC Köln.

After a coach change, which was accompanied by a rejuvenation of the team, Frosch moved to the 1982/83 season for Altonaer FC from 1893 , with whom he rose to the Oberliga Nord in 1984. In all six games of the promotion round , Frosch was in the starting eleven of the team that prevailed against SV Atlas Delmenhorst , Wolfenbütteler SV and NTSV Strand 08 . After 32 games in the league season 1984/85 , at the end of which the Altona were relegated, Frosch ended his career.

Worth mentioning

Frosch became known not only for his sporting achievements, but above all for his very direct and harsh manner towards the media and authorities. For example, when assistant coach Jupp Derwall wanted to appoint him to the national B squad in 1976 , Frosch refused with the sentence: "A Walter Frosch only plays in the A-team or in the world selection."

In the 1990s, the chain smoker Frosch even stood with a cigarette on the lawn of the Millerntor Stadium during the farewell game for Klaus Thomforde . At the “Day of Legends” in 2007 at Millerntor, he was interviewed by a reporter with a pack of cigarettes in his neck.

In 2010 the readers of the Hamburger Abendblatt voted Frosch into the “eleven of the century” at FC St. Pauli.

Yellow card record

Frog became famous for his large number of yellow cards in the second division season 1976/77. Soon afterwards the DFB introduced the automatic game ban after four (today five) yellow cards; until then there had been no limit. There are two versions of the exact number of yellow cards 1976/77:

  • For a long time, the wrong number "27", which is still used in some cases today, related to the yellow cards Frosch collected. Compared with this number, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, there is no professional soccer player in the world who has received more yellow cards in one season.
  • The authors of the anniversary book of FC St. Pauli, Christoph Nagel and Michael Pahl, came to the conclusion during their research that the number "27" is wrong and that there were 18 or 19 yellow cards in that season (the exact number leaves can no longer be determined). Two games before the end of the season, Frosch is quoted in the Hamburg press as saying: "Against Solingen and in the last game at Wacker Berlin I'll get a yellow one, then I'll be 20, and that's a good thing, isn't it?" Frosch then missed his goal, the kicker spoke of 18 yellow cards, the Bundesliga special edition 77/78 from Sport Megaphon also 18, the Hamburger Abendblatt 19. In the three Bundesliga seasons 17 yellow cards were drawn against Frosch, one red but he did not receive.

The origin of the wrong number “27” in the yellow cards in the 1976/77 season is unclear. It is possible that it can be traced back to Frosch's age at the time; he was 27 years old at the time. In later research, the contemporary information "Walter Frosch (27)" could have led to confusion. It is also possible that there has been a mix-up over the years with the number of games that FC St. Pauli remained unbeaten in a row during that season (also 27). In any case, the number "27" has become so independent in relation to the yellow cards distributed to Frosch in the 1976/77 season that it is now an integral part of German football folklore. But even the likely 18 or 19 yellow cards should represent a record for the number of warnings received within a season.

After the active time

Walter Frosch now owned a restaurant and was the tenant of the stadium restaurant of SC Victoria Hamburg . He also did not forget his old home and regularly attended the street festival in Ludwigshafen-Rheingönheim . From 1996 he had to endure several cancer operations. At the end of 2008 his health deteriorated dramatically. After acute organ failure as a result of sepsis , he had to be treated in intensive care and then relearned to speak and walk. He lived with his partner in Hamburg-Niendorf . Walter Frosch died on November 23, 2013 at the age of 62 in the Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek .

Since 2012 SC Victoria has organized the "Walter Frosch Tournament" every year. The donations collected there will benefit children with cancer.

Walter Frosch was buried in Ludwigshafen-Rheingönheim.


  • 1974/75 1. FC Kaiserslautern (Bundesliga): 16 games, 1 goal
  • 1975/76 1. FC Kaiserslautern (Bundesliga): 27 games, 2 goals
  • 1976/77 FC St. Pauli (2nd Bundesliga North): 37 games, 6 goals
  • 1977/78 FC St. Pauli (Bundesliga): 18 games, no goal
  • 1978/79 FC St. Pauli (2nd Bundesliga North): 26 games, 2 goals


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