SV Alsenborn

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SV Alsenborn
Logo SV Alsenborn.png
Basic data
Surname Sports club 1919
Alsenborn e. V.
Seat Enkenbach-Alsenborn ,
founding September 15, 1919
(as FV Alsenborn)
Colours Blue White
First soccer team
Head coach Halit Osmani
Venue Stadium at the Kinderlehre
Places 13,000
league A-class Kaiserslautern-
2019/20 4th Place

The SV Alsenborn is a football club from Enkenbach-Alsenborn in Rhineland-Palatinate . The club's venue is the stadium at the Kinderlehre , which has a capacity of around 13,000 spectators. Around 1970 the SVA was one of the most successful clubs in southwest Germany and played several times for promotion to the Bundesliga .


The association, which was founded on September 15, 1919 as FV Alsenborn , has been called SV Alsenborn (SVA) since 1945.

The SVA's most successful period began in 1962 when Fritz Walter , captain of the 1954 world championship team, became the club's coach. With his former teammate from 1. FC Kaiserslautern , Hannes Ruth , he aimed for the club's promotion. With Willi Hölz , Otto Render and Erwin Rödler , three former players from 1. FC Kaiserslautern and VfR Kaiserslautern were signed. In the years 1962 to 1965 the SVA rose three times in a row - up to the Regionalliga Südwest , at that time the second highest division.

The sporting high-altitude flight also continued in the regional league and brought the club nationwide attention. In 1968 Alsenborn became champions of the Regionalliga for the first time, so he qualified for promotion to the Bundesliga. In a group with Hertha BSC , Rot-Weiss Essen , 1. SC Göttingen 05 and Bayern Hof , the club was third in the table - only the first (then Hertha BSC) was allowed to advance. In the event of promotion to the Bundesliga, a move to Ludwigshafen and the merger with a football club based there was planned in order to be able to meet the licensing requirements of the DFB in all points.

In the following season, the SVA was again regional league champions. In the promotion group with Rot-Weiß Oberhausen , Hertha Zehlendorf , VfB Lübeck and Freiburg FC , Alsenborn was again third behind Oberhausen and Freiburg after five wins and three defeats. In the end, one point was missing for promotion to the Bundesliga.

1970 Alsenborn was again champion of the Regionalliga Südwest. In the group with Arminia Bielefeld , Karlsruher SC , Tennis Borussia Berlin and VfL Osnabrück , the club reached third place for the third time in a row and again missed promotion.

The SVA was unable to build on the successes of those years. This was also due to the fact that a total of 31 players gradually left the club in the direction of more solvent football clubs. Among other things, Lorenz Horr moved to Hertha BSC for 336,000  DM - the most expensive transfer in German football up until then. Another setback for the club was the accidental death of Otto Render, who was now the team's coach.

In 1974, the club sought promotion to the newly introduced 2nd Bundesliga . According to the regulations of the DFB, the clubs of the 2nd division had to meet not only sporting qualifications but also technical and economic requirements that went beyond the possibilities of the SVA. This was initially nominated by the Southwest Admissions Committee for the 2nd Bundesliga, but after an objection by the slightly worse rated 1. FC Saarbrücken , the Southwest Regional Association rejected it again. The SVA then turned to the civil chamber in Kaiserslautern and obtained an injunction there, whereupon the decision of the board of directors was overturned and an association court of the regional association had to re-examine the situation. The association court rated Alsenborn's athletic qualifications higher, which is why the SVA could now hope to be a candidate for the second division. Now 1. FC Saarbrücken and the board of directors of the regional football association have appealed to the sports court of the DFB. This initially gave priority to the athletically qualified SVA, only to give preference to the economically better off 1. FC Saarbrücken. In the end, the license was refused due to technical inadequacies of the space and economic uncertainty regarding future development.

After the forced withdrawal from professional football, the club rose in the following years to the lowest divisions of the Southwest German Football Association . Currently (as of the 2019/20 season) SV Alsenborn plays in the ninth-class A-Class Kaiserslautern-Donnersberg.


Athletic career

Placements on a green background indicate an ascent, while a red background indicates a descent.

season league space
1949/50 Amateur League West Palatinate 11.
1950/51 Amateur League West Palatinate 08th.
1951/52 Amateur League West Palatinate 03.
1952/53 Amateur League Southwest 05.
1953/54 Amateur League Southwest 14th
1954/55 Amateur League Southwest 16.
1955/56 2. Amateur League West Palatinate 16.
1956/57 A class -
1957/58 A class -
1958/59 A class -
1959/60 A class -
1960/61 A class -
1961/62 A class -
1962/63 A class 01.
1963/64 2. Amateur League West Palatinate 01.
1964/65 Amateur League Southwest 01.
1965/66 Regionalliga southwest 09.
1966/67 Regionalliga southwest 08th.
1967/68 Regionalliga southwest 01. 1
1968/69 Regionalliga southwest 01. 2
season league space
1969/70 Regionalliga southwest 01. 3
1970/71 Regionalliga southwest 05.
1971/72 Regionalliga southwest 03.
1972/73 Regionalliga southwest 08th.
1973/74 Regionalliga southwest 10. 4
1974/75 Amateur League Southwest 10.
1975/76 Amateur League Southwest 14th
1976/77 District League West Palatinate 06th
1977/78 District League West Palatinate 02.
1978/79 Association League Southwest 06th
1979/80 Association League Southwest 15th
1980/81 Association League Southwest 12.
1981/82 Association League Southwest 16.
1982/83 District League West Palatinate 01.
1983/84 Association League Southwest 09.
1984/85 Association League Southwest 03.
1985/86 Association League Southwest 18th
1986/87 District League West Palatinate 15th
1987/88 District League West Palatinate 18th
1988 to 2000: no data available
season league space
2000/01 District League K'lautern 06th
2001/02 District League K'lautern 09.
2002/03 District League K'lautern
2003/04 District League K'lautern 10.
2004/05 District League K'lautern 06th
2005/06 District League K'lautern 06th
2006/07 District League K'lautern 06th
2007/08 District League K'lautern 07th
2008/09 District League K'lautern 07th
2009/10 District League K'lautern 03.
2010/11 District League K'lautern-Donn. south 05.
2011/12 District League K'lautern-Donn. south 01.
2012/13 District class West Palatinate North 03.
2013/14 A-class K'lautern-Donn. 07th
2014/15 A-class K'lautern-Donn. 15th
2015/16 A-class K'lautern-Donn. 14th
2016/17 B-Class K'lautern-Donn. 04th
2017/18 B-Class K'lautern-Donn. 01.
2018/19 A-class K'lautern-Donn. 06th
2019/20 A-class K'lautern-Donn. 04th
1 Alsenborn was third in the promotion round to the Bundesliga.
2 Alsenborn was third in the promotion round to the Bundesliga.
3 Alsenborn was third in the promotion round to the Bundesliga.
4th The Regionalliga Südwest was dissolved at the end of the season.


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Individual evidence

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