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Wilhelm Felix Zedinek OSB (born June 19, 1898 in Vienna ; † November 23, 1971 in Göttweig Abbey ) was an Austrian clergyman and the 62nd abbot of the Göttweig Abbey in the Wachau .

Live and act

Zedinek, son of the Bohemian civil servant Johann Franz Zedinek and his wife Anna (née Landgraf) completed his school career at the Elisabeth Gymnasium in Vienna-Margareten in 1916 with the Abitur . There he became a member of the Catholic Pennalie Herulia. After leaving grammar school, he graduated from the officers' school in Opava. In 1917 he went to military service as a lieutenant in the reserve.

Before the end of the First World War , he began studying at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Since 1918 he was a member of the Catholic student union KaV Norica Vienna . In 1919 he joined the Göttweig Abbey . In the same year he began studying at the Philosophical-Theological Home School in Klosterneuburg . Only one year later he went to the Benedictine University of San Anselmo , where he studied for a year before pursuing further studies between 1921 and 1923 in Rome and Innsbruck and from 1923 in Vienna . Over the years, Zedinek wrote a dissertation, but did not take any rigorous exams.

On December 31, 1919, Zedinek made his simple religious vows . The solemn vow followed on October 2, 1922. On December 3, 1922, he was ordained a priest in Innsbruck . After a few years of activity as a pastor, the Göttweig Abbey was dissolved. After the end of the Second World War , the monastery was re-established and Zedinek was elected as the 62nd abbot of the monastery on August 5, 1949. On August 10, 1949, he was designated by Bishop Michael Memelauer . After his election he got involved in the restitution of the monastery property and the reconstruction of the monastery. To secure the next generation, Zedinek set up a boys' choir.

In 1964, Zedinek was given the position of administrator of Lambach Abbey in Upper Austria as a further position . He held this position until December 1, 1966. He succeeded in consolidating the desperate economic situation.

On April 13, 1965 he was awarded the citizen medal of the city of Passau . Zedinek died in 1971 and was buried in Göttweig Abbey.



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