Wirtemberg repertory of literature

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Wirtemberg repertory of literature: a quarterly script

description Literary magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Rhetoric, literary studies
language German
publishing company Eckebrecht ( Heilbronn ); Stettin ( Ulm ) (Germany)
First edition 1782
Frequency of publication Quarterly until 1783
ZDB 718965-5
Title page Wirtemberg Repertory of Literature, 1st item 1782

The Wirtemberg Repertory of Literature. A quarterly font was a German-language literary magazine published by Friedrich Schiller and Johann Wilhelm Petersen . It appeared in three pieces from 1782 to 1783 and was printed by Eckebrecht in Heilbronn and by Stettin in Ulm .


  • Reprint (only of Schiller's contributions) in: Schiller's all writings . Historical-critical edition. Second part. Cotta, Stuttgart 1867, pp. 338-394. Text archive - Internet Archive

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