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Aeolia ( Greek  Αἰολίς Aiolis , seldom Αἰολία Aiolia , Latin form Aeolia ) is an ancient landscape on the northwest coast of Asia Minor, populated by the Aeolians . Aeolia extended from the entrance of the Hellespont (today Dardanelles ) in the north to Hermos ( Gediz ) in the south. Aeolia bordered Mysia to the north, Ionia to the south, and Lydia to the east .

In the 8th century BC The Aeolian cities formed a League of Twelve Cities (Dodekapolis): Kyme , Larisa , Neonteichos , Temnos , Cilla , Notion , Aegiroessa , Pitane , Aigai , Myrina , Gryneion and Smyrna .

699 BC BC Smyrna joined the Ionian League . The remaining cities were taken over by Kroisos , the last king of Lydia , who from about 556 BC. BC to 541 BC Ruled, conquered. The country has been ruled by the Persians since Cyrus II , later by the Macedonians , the Seleucids and the Attalids .

Attalus III. , the king of Pergamon , left Aeolia in 133 BC. In testamentary to the Roman Empire . Shortly thereafter, the Aiolis became part of the Roman province of Asia . When the Roman Empire was divided (395 AD), Aeolia became part of the eastern half, later the Byzantine Empire , and remained under Byzantine rule until it was conquered by the Turks at the beginning of the 15th century.


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