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Asia Minor in Antiquity

Pamphylia ( ancient Greek Παμφυλία Pamphylía ) is an ancient landscape on the central south coast of Asia Minor  - from today's city of Antalya to the east to the Taurus Mountains in Turkey .

Their neighboring regions were called Lycia (in the west), Pisidia (in the north, to which the border began to blur around the turn of the ages), and Cilicia in the east.

In Roman times it formed the province of Lycia et Pamphylia with Lycia .

The main town of the region was Side , where references to a sidetic language were found. Other ancient cities of Pamphylia were Alara, Andida , Aspendos , Attaleia , Etenna , Hamaxia , Korakesion , Isinda , Kibyra , Kremna , Laertes , Maximianupolis , Lyrbe , Perge , Syllaion , Syedra , Termessos and Trebenna .


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