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The image resolutions 8K with a number of lines of 4320 and 4K with a number of lines of 2160 ( UHD, Ultra HD ) as well as Full HD (2K) with a number of lines of 1080, HD ready with a number of lines of 720 and SD with a number of lines of 576 each with a Aspect ratio of 16: 9 and approximately 17: 9

8K resolution , also known as 8K and 4320p , refers to a horizontal image resolution in the order of 8000 columns based on the definitions of 2K and 4K .


The specification “8K” does not indicate which aspect ratios , bit depths , refresh rates or brightness and color values are coded in the images. The ITU-R recommendation BT.2020 of the International Telecommunication Union defines these parameters, for example, for the two image resolutions 3840 × 2160 (“UHD-I”) and 7680 × 4320 (“UHD-II”) with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and square Pixels .

The image resolution has a value of around 33 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 . The following table shows some image resolutions with the number of rows and columns that occur in 8K for various aspect ratios.

columns Lines Number of pixels
4: 3 8192 6144 50.3
16: 90 8192 4608 37.7
00≈17: 9 (8K) 8192 4320 35.3
00000016: 9 (UHD-II) 7680 4320 33.2
3: 2 6480 4320 28.0
4: 3 5760 4320 24.9
1: 1 4320 4320 18.7


Digital playback devices such as computer monitors , screens , televisions or projectors , as well as recording devices such as digital cinema cameras or digital cameras with a number of columns from around 8000 columns can be identified with the attribute “8K”. These devices are able to fully process and reproduce images with this number of columns without having to combine pixels ( downsampling ).

Astrodesign's 8K camera at the 2013
National Association of Broadcasters exhibition
NHK and Hitachi 8K camera at the 2013
National Association of Broadcasters exhibition

Some digital cameras provide a corresponding image resolution, especially for still images , which can be displayed on such screens. For video recordings , 8K-compatible cameras from providers such as Sony have been available since 2011 , and later other products from manufacturers such as Astrodesign , Hitachi , Red Digital Cinema Camera Company and Sharp were presented.

The lenses required for a corresponding optical resolution must, however, be able to provide a high contrast when recording images even at a spatial frequency of 2160 line pairs per image height . With an image sensor in full format , this corresponds to a spatial frequency of 90 line pairs per millimeter (line width = 5.6 micrometers). A suitable modulation transfer function with a correspondingly high photographic resolution can only be achieved with large special lenses.

The first larger television screens that can display 8K images were presented at the International Consumer Electronics Fair in 2018.

The required amounts of data can be transmitted, for example, via a high definition multimedia interface from version 2.1 (January 2017) or with UHD-2 devices via the standard DisplayPort from version 1.3 (September 2014).

Images with a resolution lower than 8K can be displayed in full format with the help of upsampling on ultra-high-resolution display devices.

In 2020, the first mobile phones appeared that are able to record in 8K resolution due to the image resolution of the image sensor and sufficient computing power, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 . However, because of the diffraction limitation of the miniaturized lenses, the optical resolution is considerably lower.


The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were broadcast to Japan in a test run in 8K.

With 8K resolved images, personnel and costs can be saved in live broadcasts by automatically determining and filtering the interesting image content ("Region of Interest (ROI)") by means of subject and scene recognition with artificial intelligence . A single camera can synchronously deliver up to four different image sections in full HD resolution .

Example of a video in FUHD resolution

In November 2018, NASA released 8K footage taken with a Red Digital Cinema Camera Company helium camera on the International Space Station (ISS) .


8K-compatible devices are still expensive to purchase, and there is little media content that is available with this very high image resolution.

Even an image resolution of only 4K images can hardly be achieved by the human eye when viewing the entire image. Many people no longer notice the differences in image resolution between Ultra HD and Full HD . A subjective improvement can result from a higher contrast range and a larger color space, which, however, has nothing to do with the image resolution.

The power consumption and heat development of high-resolution recording, image processing and playback devices is usually significantly higher than that of devices with a lower image resolution.

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