Wacky - full throttle into love

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Original title Wacky - full throttle into love
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2004
length 86 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 12
Director Jakob Schäuffelen
script Axel Melzener ,
Jørn Precht ,
Frank Weiss
production Herbert Kloiber ,
Rikolt von Gagern
music Christian Heyne ,
Zdenek Kotala
camera Sonja Rome
cut Sandy Saffeels

Wacky - With full throttle in love is a German comedy film by Jakob Schäuffelen from 2004 .


The young Mia is completely fond of cars and tinkers with her mother's old VW Beetle in every free minute . Her big dream is to take part in the Paris-Dakar rally one day . In order to raise the money for the necessary license, she works as a bicycle courier. During a delivery, she meets the daredevil Cosmo and the lesbian driving instructor Sherin, who are currently delivering an illegal car race. Sherin then takes Mia to her workshop, where two other young women are waiting. They build racing cars there for illegal street races.

The next evening there is another street race. Sherin and Cosmo are fierce competitors, with Cosmo always having the edge. Sherin takes Mia into her clique. However, when Sherin's car is confiscated by the police, they are standing there without a pedestal. In two weeks, however, the important Airport Race will take place, with prize money of € 5,000. Without further ado, Mia takes her mother's VW Beetle, which is now being converted into a racing car. A love-hate relationship develops between Cosmo and Mia, which excites both enormously. In another race, she promises him her car and a night with her if she loses. Meanwhile, Sherin tries again and again to seduce Mia, but with little success. Mia loses the race against Cosmo despite a win because Sherin has manipulated the tank on Cosmo's car and is caught.

Cosmo tells Mia that he will return the bug to her. All that matters to him is the night with her. After they have a nice evening together, Cosmo hands Mia the car keys and she undresses. He doesn't want her to sleep with him just because of the car, however. Confused, Mia then runs away. Sherin and her girls destroy their car out of jealousy. With Cosmos help, they both fix it and now Mia falls in love too.

They take part in the airport race in separate cars, in which the VW official Obermaier is also looking for racing drivers for the VW Junior Racing Team for the Paris-Dakar Rally. Mia has to start from far behind, but is constantly catching up. When it comes to the showdown between Mia, Cosmo and Sherin, Sherin's car rams Cosmo, which overturns and injures. Mia breaks off the race and rushes to Cosmo's wreck. Mia later visits him in the hospital and kisses him passionately. The VW official also shows up and tells them that both will take part in the Paris-Dakar rally.

At the end of the film, both of them drive through the desert in a racing car.


“Sobering, boring and amateurish attempt at a German genre film about racing. At most, the careful camera work is convincing. "

"Another Teuton clothing with a lot of horsepower, which, similar to the 'Autobahnraser' that starts a little earlier and in contrast to this one with a feminist approach, is dedicated to the increasingly popular, secret speed measurements on the open road."

- Kino.de

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