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Rudolf Ernst David Adolf Schaer (born October 6, 1853 in Stöcken ; † June 29, 1927 ) was a Prussian officer , most recently a lieutenant general .


Schaer was the son of a major who died in the Battle of Vionville during the Franco-Prussian War .

He joined the Infantry Regiment No. 74 of the Prussian Army as an ensign from the Cadet Corps , became a Second Lieutenant in 1873 and served as a battalion adjutant from 1878 to 1883. In 1883 Schaer became a prime lieutenant , in 1889 a captain and as such a company commander . In 1896 he was promoted to major . On March 22, 1897, he was transferred as an aggregated major to the 4th Hanoverian Infantry Regiment No. 164 , in 1898 as a battalion commander in the 7th Baden Infantry Regiment No. 142 , where he was promoted to lieutenant colonel in 1903 . In 1903 Schaer was transferred to the Infantry Regiment "von Wittich" (3rd Kurhessisches) No. 83 and in 1906 was appointed commander of the 8th East Prussian Infantry Regiment No. 45 while being promoted to colonel . On April 20, 1910, he took command of the 35th Infantry Brigade in Flensburg while being promoted to Major General . In April 1912 he was at his request, with presentation of the character as a lieutenant general for disposition made.

He spent his retirement in Hanover.

Schaer was reused during the First World War and from January 14th to July 8th 1915 was the commander of the 41st Replacement Brigade on the Western Front .


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