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Albert Bitzius (1835–1882)

Albert Bitzius (born November 6, 1835 in Lützelflüh , † September 20, 1882 in Bern ) was a Swiss Reformed theologian and politician from Switzerland .


Albert Bitzius was the only son of Albert Bitzius, the eponymous writer and theologian known under the pseudonym Jeremias Gotthelf , and his wife Henriette Bitzius-Zeender . The older of his two sisters became known as a writer under the pseudonym Marie Walden .

He studied in Lausanne , Bern and Berlin theology . He was a member of the Zofingia and in the years 1857–58 its Central President. From 1858 he was vicar in Utzenstorf and Thunstetten , from 1863 pastor in Courtelary . In 1867 he became pastor in Twann on Lake Biel , and in 1874 Synodal Councilor of the Reformed Bernese regional church . The Bern church historian Kurt Guggisberg , who wrote a biography of him, called him one of "the most important preachers of modern times". The sermons, printed in seven volumes after his death, reached a circulation of more than 27,000 copies.

In terms of party politics, Bitzius became a member of the Bernese radicals and a supporter of Jakob Stämpfli , with which he positioned himself significantly differently from his father. From 1878 he was a member of the Bern Government Council (education and prison system) for four years and in 1879 he was elected to the Council of States .

In terms of church politics, Bitzius was the head of the liberal “reformers”, and in terms of state politics he was an exposed opponent of the death penalty . He played a key role in drafting factory legislation and a new school law.


  • Sermons , 7 volumes, 1883–1903
  • The death penalty from the standpoint of religion, etc. of theological science , 1870
  • To improve our criminal justice system , 1877


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