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Albert Friedrich Wilhelm Fischer (born April 18, 1829 in Ziesar , † April 27, 1896 in Lemsdorf ) was a Protestant pastor and hymnologist .


Albert Fischer was one of seven children of pastor Johann Christian Ernst Julius Fischer and his wife Luise Charlotte, née Pohlmann. Fischer grew up in Hohendodeleben near Magdeburg , as his father accepted the pastor's position at the local Sankt-Peter-Kirche in 1830 . He attended the Domgymnasium Magdeburg and studied Protestant theology in Halle from 1849 to 1852 , already devoting himself to hymnology . At first he worked as a teacher, among other things, at a girls' school in Schönebeck and at the Evangelical Collegiate High School in Gütersloh . In 1858 he was a pastor ordained . In 1859 he took up his first pastor's position at the castle church in Quedlinburg , before he became pastor at the Luther Church in Althaldensleben in 1861 and, in 1867, senior pastor and superintendent in Ziesar . Fischer married in 1860. He became the father of eight children. From 1877 to 1896, he then served as the pastor at the St. Stephen's Church in Groß-Ottersleben near Magdeburg. Albert Fischer is the grandfather of the singer and music journalist Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and the church musician Klaus Fischer-Dieskau . Also heard Mathias Fischer-Dieskau to his descendants.


His most important works include two lexicons, which are still standard works for hymnologists, including internationally. The two-volume hymns lexicon contains references to around 4,500 of the most important hymns and the songwriters, with Fischer selecting the songs from 73,000.

In addition, Fischer worked on a six-volume encyclopedia The German Evangelical Church Song of the 17th Century . Here he wanted to present the history of the German hymn between 1570 and 1750. On his death he left organized material for the period from 1570 to 1680. His successor, Wilhelm Tümpel , then published the work for this period. In 1883 Fischer founded the magazine Blätter für Hymnologie . Fischer conducted intensive research into the history of the Magdeburg hymn books. When a new hymn book was developed for the province of Saxony from around 1870 , Fischer accompanied this extremely critically together with Friedrich Danneil and decided to continue using the old hymn book in his community.


In 1884 he was awarded an honorary theological doctorate from the University of Jena .

The city of Magdeburg, into which Ottersleben was incorporated in 1952, named a street ( Albert-Fischer-Straße ) after him.


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