Alfred Mallwitz

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Alfred Mallwitz (born October 2, 1919 in Berlin ; † March 17, 1986 in Vaterstetten ) was a German building researcher .

Alfred Mallwitz graduated from high school in Berlin-Steglitz in 1939 . During the Second World War he was drafted into the Wehrmacht , but was given a leave of absence in 1940 at the University of Berlin to study classical archeology and art history. After the war he studied architecture and graduated from the TU Berlin in 1950 . Since 1953, he served as excavation architect at Olympia excavations of the German Archaeological Institute involved. 1960 received his doctorate on the workshop of Phidias in Olympia with Ernst Heinrich at the TU Berlin. From 1972 to 1984 he was the head of the Olympia excavation. He documented the major excavations in the stadium and initiated its reconstruction as well as numerous anastiloses such as at the Palaestra , the Heraion and the Treasury of the Sikyonians . From 1978 to 1980 he directed the large excavation in the southeast area of ​​Olympia.

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