All American Christmas Carol

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Original title All American Christmas Carol
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2013
length 88 minutes
Director Ron Carlson
script Terri Kauffman ,
Ron Carlson
production Ron Carlson,
Rachel North
music Greg Nicolett
camera Ricardo Jacques Gale
cut Mike Mendez

All American Christmas Carol is a 2013 American Christmas film directed by Ron Carlson . The leading roles are starring Taryn Manning , Eric Roberts , Beverly D'Angelo and Wendi McLendon-Covey .


The almost thirty-year-old unemployed hairdresser Cindy has three children from three different men, whom she looks after more badly. Cindy lives more of her pleasure, which consists of having her dissolute way of life financed by various men. For Harley, the oldest of her children at the age of 13, Skoal and Cheese Doodle, there is hardly any time or money to provide for them adequately. The family lives in a trailer park. Cindy doesn't believe in going to work to finance her life and that of her children and lives on welfare. She urges her children to keep track of social welfare officials when they visit. The situation comes to a head when Harley's father, Jake Marley, is killed in an accident while playing paintball .

After Jake Marley has been buried and Cindy has missed her son's nativity play because she is once again indulging in her amusement, three Christmas ghosts appear at Cindy, one the spirit of the present, then the spirit of the future and the spirit of the past finds that too Way to the young woman. The latter shows her once again what it was like when Cindy's father left the family on Christmas Eve. Cindy was just eight years old at the time. The three Christmas ghosts try to show Cindy a way how her life and especially that of her children can get better and to suggest to her that she has to set her priorities differently, as her family and friends are slowly but surely getting enough of Cindy's selfishness .

Cindy is now actually trying to use her talent and ingenuity to steer her life and that of her children on better paths.


Production notes, filming

It is an August Heart Entertainment film distributed by Eagle Films and Gravitas Ventures. The shooting took place in Santa Clarita , California .



The film was released on DVD in the USA on November 4, 2013 , and was shown in some cinemas on November 5, 2013. In Hungary he was published under the title Cindy karácsonya .

The film, of which there is no German dubbed version, did not appear on DVD in Germany.


The Assholes Watching Movies page asks how Charles Dickens would have written his Christmas story if he had grown up in a trailer park. Nobody has asked themselves that question, but this film is determined to answer it, and it turns out that the answer is even darker than one might have just thought. The ghosts of the past, present and future that visit Cindy are just as unconventional as she is, which is a bloody shame. They are doing their job badly. And even someone stupid enough to rewrite Dickens is not stupid enough to think he can defeat him. The film is stupid and frustrating and just as useless as chewing gum under the sole of a shoe. Better not to have stepped inside at all.

On the page Common sense media it was pointed out that All American Christmas Carol is not suitable for children because of the consumption of alcohol, smoking and even sexual innuendos in the film. It was also found that the film, which received three stars out of five, has a solid cast with Taryn Manning, Eric Roberts and Beverly D'Angelo.


Received the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a DVD Film for Zach Callison

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