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The Army Department A (originally Army Department Falkenhausen ) was an Army Department of the German Army formed on September 15, 1914 during the First World War . It was used as one of three such large formations on the Western Front until 1918 to protect the realm of Alsace-Lorraine .


The "Army Department Falkenhausen" was formed on September 15, 1914, after the Battle of the Marne and the start of the race to the sea , from the remaining parts of the 6th Army , which had been relocated to the north under the command of the reactivated General Ludwig von Falkenhausen , previously commanding general of the replacement corps , and reports directly to the Supreme Army Command . At that time it comprised:

In addition, the fortress Strasbourg was subordinated to her. The headquarters were initially in Mörchingen , later in Metz and from December 1914 in Strasbourg . The Army Department was connected to the Gaede Army Department to the south and to the Strantz Army Department to the north . In December 1914 Falkenhausen was appointed Colonel General transported and also be granted by the management of the operations of the army division Gaede what the relationship between the two commanders Falkenhausen and Hans Gaede loaded rapidly. The subordination was lifted again in August 1915 without this having completely eliminated the discrepancies. In April 1916 Falkenhausen was transferred to the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Coastal Defense , he was succeeded by the Saxon General Karl Ludwig d'Elsa and the army department was subsequently renamed "Army Department A".

In January 1917, General d'Elsa was replaced by Bruno from Mudra . In March 1917, in the course of the restructuring of the Western Front, the Army Group Duke Albrecht under Albrecht von Württemberg became the superior command of Army Department A. The last change of command for the Army Department occurred in June 1918, when General von Mudra was transferred to the 1st Army and Johannes von Eben took over the command from him. After the Armistice of Compiègne and the November Revolution in Germany, the army division was dissolved in December 1918.

Commander in chief

Rank Surname date
General of the Infantry /
Colonel General
Ludwig von Falkenhausen September 17, 1914 to April 14, 1916
Saxon. General of the Infantry Karl Ludwig d'Elsa April 17, 1916 to January 1, 1917
General of the Infantry Bruno from Mudra 0January 4, 1917 to June 17, 1918
General of the Infantry Johannes von Eben June 18 to November 28, 1918 (at the same time mayor of the 9th Army until August 5 )

Chief of the General Staff

Rank Surname date
Colonel /
Major General
Georg Weidner September 17, 1914 to November 13, 1916
Saxon. Colonel Hans von Eulitz November 14th to December 27th, 1916
major Robert von Klüber December 28, 1916 to April 10, 1917
Major /
Lieutenant Colonel
Friedrich von Esebeck April 12, 1917 to June 17, 1918
major Walter Bronsart von Schellendorff June 17-21, 1918
Lieutenant colonel Robert von Klüber June 22 to October 11, 1918
Lieutenant colonel Richard von Pawelsz October 12 to November 2, 1918
Saxon. Major general Martin of Oldershausen 0November 2, 1918 to December 31, 1918

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