Asia-Pacific Network Information Center

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RIR regions of responsibility

The Asia Pacific Network Information Center , APNIC for short, is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) responsible for the Asia and Pacific region . She looks after IP addresses, AS numbers, DNS entries and other network resources.

The IP registration information here in the WHOIS to query database at which entries contain the APNIC itself such. B. TWNIC ( Taiwan ), KRNIC ( Korea ), or JPNIC ( Japan ). However, the APNIC Whois database cannot be considered trustworthy, as the data rarely contains information beyond the local ISP, which usually also has a monopoly.

The previous RIR for Australia , known as AUNIC , has been dissolved and responsibilities have been transferred to APNIC.


APNIC office building in Brisbane .

APNIC was in charge of Madagascar , Mauritius and Seychelles before AfriNIC was founded.

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