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General information
origin Munich , Germany
Genre (s) Ska
founding 1985
Current occupation
Amedeo Tortora ("Dr. Deadlock")
Hannes Frisch
Hannes Metz
Guido Sauerbier
Tschinge Krenn
Christian Fiebig
Marc Steinel
Werner Aldinger
Albrecht Huber
former members
Vocals, guitar
Wolfgang (1985–1987)
Singing, trumpet
Olle (1985-1992)
Cpt. Soulas (1987-1992)
Christoph Schmidt (1985-2003)

Bluekilla is a ska band from Munich . It was founded in 1985 and is now considered one of the most important German ska bands.


The nine-member band was formed in 1985 and can now look back on an eventful history, which was mainly expressed in a whole series of extraordinary concert tours.

As the first foreign ska band ever, Bluekilla visited ex-Yugoslavia in 1997. The Balkan War had ended shortly before and the Kosovo conflict had not yet broken out. Apart from difficulties with visa application, entry, transit and departure, the entire band was arrested on suspicion of espionage and the singer was interrogated for hours and then handcuffed to a metal cupboard. After eight hours the band was free again and with only three concerts in Novi Sad , Zrenjanin and Belgrade triggered a skaboom in Serbia that has produced countless bands there to this day.

In 1992 they released the recordings for a planned CD on cassette after the donor "comes into conflict with the law and has to go into hiding". After it almost came to a breakup, the band continued with a concert with the new singer and front man Amedeo, which was actually planned as a farewell gig. From here the actual rise of the band begins.

In 1994 the first "real" album The New Ska Age was released, for the piece Dr. Deadlock Stylee also creates a video clip . In 1995 they released the maxi CD Wickie , named after one of their most popular pieces at the time, a cover version of the title track of the cartoon series of the same name. In early 1996 they released the album Ska a gogo . In 1999 the self-produced CD Ska is our Business comes onto the market. In 2004 the CD Back to Skatalonia followed .

Bluekilla produce their own albums, the first two CDs The New Ska Age and Ska a gogo were released on the Munich label Artysan , and since 1999 they have been under contract with the Berlin label Pork Pie .

In 2009 Amedeo Tortora sang the song Mah Nà Mah Nà from the film Lilli the Witch - The Dragon and the Magic Book together with Alina Freund . In 2010, the band 's sixth studio album, Never Was a Ska Band, was released and received positive reviews.

The guitarist Hannes Frisch also plays with Cat Sun Flower .



  • 1990: Blue Vinyl ( single , without label)
  • 1995: Wickie (maxi single, no label)


  • 1992: Bluekilla
  • 1994: The New Ska Age
  • 1996: Ska-a-Gogo
  • 1999: Ska Is Our Business
  • 2004: Back to Skatalonia
  • 2011: Never Was a Ska Band


  • 1994: United colors of SKA vol. II (Pork Pie) with One minit ska
  • 1996: SKAndalous - I've Gotcha Covered ( Shanachie Records ) with Hawa Nagila
  • 1996: ska..ska..SKANDAL! No.4 (pork pie) with horseman style
  • 1999: Skin Up with Lick a shot
  • 1999: Kruzefix with Rudeboy Land
  • 1999: The German lesson lesson 1 (Pork Pie) with Skaship
  • 1999: The Spirit Of Ska (Pork Pie) with Lick a shot
  • 2000: United colors of SKA vol.III (Pork Pie) with Sunshine Reggae
  • 2000: MusikExpress / Sounds No. 37 (Vielklang) with Lick a shot
  • 2000: TV Sucks ( Wolverine Records ) with Wickie
  • 2000: Skank To The Riddim Vol.1 (Step Aside) with Shoplifter
  • 2001: Kruzefix with Staring At The Rudeboys
  • 2002: UTAH vs. THE WORLD - Final Round II (DCS Records) with Ska is our business
  • 2003: The Best Fucking Ska In The World (Fucking Northpole Records) with Shoplifter
  • 2006: ska..ska..SKANDAL! No.5 (pork pie) with football (it's here to stay)

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