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Bruno Sauer

Bruno Sauer (born January 19, 1861 in Leipzig , † May 10, 1919 in Kiel ) was a German classical archaeologist .

Bruno Sauer began studying architecture at the Technical University of Braunschweig after attending secondary school in Leipzig and graduating in 1879 . 1882–84 studies at the universities in Munich , Berlin and Leipzig followed . With the dissertation The Beginnings of the Statuary Group he received his doctorate in 1887, received a travel grant from the German Archaeological Institute in 1889 and finally completed his habilitation in Gießen in 1892 on Old Naxian marble art . He then taught as a private lecturer in 1892 and in 1898 became director of the Art History Institute and the Art, Coin and Antiquities Cabinet at the University of Gießen, from which he formed the Archaeological Institute and thus de facto founded it. In 1909 he accepted a call as full professor of classical archeology and at the same time director of the Kiel Collection of Antiquities in Kiel , where he stayed until his death. In 1917 he was appointed a secret councilor.

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