Federal Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers

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Federal Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers V.
legal form Registered association
Seat Berlin
founding July 14, 1954

place Berlin , House of the Press
president Mathias Döpfner
executive Director Dietmar Wolff
Members 10 regional associations
Website bdzv.de

The Bundesverband Digtitalpublisher und Zeitungsverleger e. V. (BDZV, until 2019 Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers ) is an interest group of the German daily, Sunday and political weekly press and represents the interests of 281 daily newspapers with a daily circulation of over 14.3 million copies sold and 13 weekly newspapers with just under one million copies sold. The association has ten regional associations. The association has the legal form of a registered association .


The organs of the association are the Presidium and the Assembly of Delegates. Mathias Döpfner ( Axel Springer SE ) has been president since 2016 , the vice-presidents are Christian DuMont Schütte ( DuMont media group ), Thomas Düffert ( Madsack media group ), Valdo Lehari jr. ( Reutlinger General-Anzeiger ) and Hans Georg Schnücker ( VRM GmbH & Co. KG ). Honorary members of the Presidium are Eberhard Ebner and Helmut Heinen . General manager of the BDZV is Dietmar Wolff .


The association was founded on July 14, 1954 through the merger of the General Association of German Newspaper Publishers and the Association of German Newspaper Publishers (VDZV). The general association of German newspaper publishers organized those new publishers who had received a license to publish a newspaper from the Allies after the Second World War . Those old publishers who had already published newspapers before 1945 and were therefore banned from publication under the Allied occupation until 1949 had gathered in the VDZV . The association has been based in Berlin since August 1, 2000 , previously the headquarters were in Bonn .

Member associations

  • Association of Bavarian Newspaper Publishers V. (VBZV)
  • Association of Newspaper Publishers in Berlin and East Germany V. (ZVBO)
  • Newspaper Publishers Association Bremen e. V. (ZVVB)
  • Newspaper Publishers Association Hamburg e. V. (ZVH)
  • Association of Hessian Newspaper Publishers V. (VHZV)
  • Association of Northwest German Newspaper Publishers V. (VNZV)
  • Newspaper Publishers Association of North Rhine-Westphalia e. V. (ZVNRW)
  • Association of Newspaper Publishers in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland e. V. (VZV Rhineland-Palatinate Saarland)
  • Association of Southwest German Newspaper Publishers (VSZV)
  • Association of Newspaper Publishers North Germany e. V. (VZN)



The association aims to safeguard and represent the common ideal and economic interests of the publishers. His tasks include in particular:

  • "The maintenance and promotion of the reputation of newspaper publishers in public and their representation vis-à-vis the federal government, parliament, authorities and organizations",
  • maintaining independence from state bodies,
  • "The preservation of competition appropriate to the profession and the fight against unfair advertising as well as all methods of cutthroat competition",
  • the inter-company training and further education of journalists and publishing clerks,
  • "Conducting negotiations in social law matters and concluding collective agreements ".

The association is a co-signatory of the joint declaration of the working group on data retention against the draft law on data retention . He is also part of the group of shareholders of the press supply founded in 1949 , a supply facility for journalists and media professionals.


Theodor Wolff Prize

With the Theodor Wolff Prize , the BDZV has honored journalistic gems in language, style and form every year since 1962, which, through their thorough research, detailed analysis and broad information, are evidence of democratic and socio-political responsibility. Great importance is attached not only to reporting from politics and society, but also outstanding local contributions are awarded. The award commemorates Theodor Wolff - legendary editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief of the Berliner Tageblatt , who shaped a whole generation of journalists, politicians and readers with his texts and analyzes at the beginning of the 20th century. In addition to the Nannen Prize, the Theodor Wolff Prize is one of Germany's most renowned awards in the newspaper industry. More than 420 journalists have been honored with it since it was founded. Five awards, each endowed with 6000 euros, and, if applicable, one (undoped) prize for life's work are awarded. Since 2012 it has also been possible to submit online articles that have been published exclusively on the newspapers' websites. The independent jury consists of nine well-known journalists, and membership in the jury ends after nine years.

Citizen award of the German newspapers

In 2010, the association announced the citizens' award for German newspapers for the first time. Civic engagement is recognized. The award for Germany's “Citizen of the Year” goes to people who, in the opinion of the association, have achieved outstanding things for society outside of their actual profession. German nationality is expressly not a requirement. Proposals for the “Citizens' Prize of German Newspapers” endowed with 20,000 euros can only be submitted by the newspapers. The jury consists of the 250 editors-in-chief of the BDZV member publishers.

Flashback / caricature award of the German newspapers

The caricature award of the German newspapers was first awarded in 2000, previously the BDZV had awarded the “tip pen” as a prize from 1995 onwards. The prize is part of the photo and caricature competition Rückblende in Berlin (Bonn until 1999). The award goes to cartoons that trace political life and events over the past twelve months. The award, endowed with a total of 8,000 euros, is given together with the Rhineland-Palatinate State Representation, which in turn honors the best political photos of the year. The winner of the flashback 2017 is the cartoonist Miriam Wurster.

Nova Innovation Award from German newspapers

The NOVA Innovation Award of the German newspapers has been advertised by the BDZV in cooperation with the management consultancy Schickler since 2017. The prize is awarded in the categories of product innovation, marketing innovation and new business areas; it is not endowed. The award is given to the best new product launches in each case, printed and digital, exceptional business models, creative strategies and marketing ideas. Innovative services for readers / users and advertisers are recognized as well as, for example, the development of new markets outside the core business of newspapers.

Future development

In September 2010, the association announced the start of the Young Readers Initiative for future development of young readers . This is a network and knowledge database on the topic of child and youth engagement in newspapers and is active for member publishers of the BDZV as well as friendly publishers in German-speaking countries. The knowledge network supports newspaper publishers in shaping and securing their future - especially with regard to the changing media culture. The shareholders of the GmbH are BDZV e. V. and TBM Marketing GmbH in Burgwedel. The association emphasized that the changes in media usage behavior of young people with a strong tendency towards digital information sources are having an impact on the consumption of newspaper titles and that people want to prepare for the future.


  • 1954: 225 journalistic units, 624 daily newspapers, sold circulation 13.4 million copies (only the then Federal Republic of Germany )
  • 2005: 138 journalistic units, 359 daily newspapers, sold circulation 21.7 million copies
  • 2018: 114 journalistic units, 323 daily newspapers, 14.1 million copies sold


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