Cahiers d'Art

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Cahiers d'Art

description Art and literature magazine
language French , since 2012 also English
publishing company Éditions Cahiers d'Art SARL, Paris
First edition 1926
Frequency of publication irregular
editor Christian Zervos , Staffan Ahrenberg (from 2012)
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Cahiers d'Art is a French art and literary magazine founded in 1926 by Christian Zervos . He published it until 1960. The publisher under this name, Éditions Cahiers d'Art, brought out many publications on modern artists living in France in the first half of the 20th century, including the catalog raisonné of Pablo Picasso , Pablo Picasso par Christian Zervos , in 33 volumes 16,000 illustrations. The name Cahiers d'Art also stands for an attached gallery.

The Swedish film producer and art collector Staffan Ahrenberg , son of Theodor Ahrenberg , has been publishing the magazine in the same location since October 2012 and a new edition of Picasso's catalog raisonné from February 2014.


Cahiers d'Art 1926 to 1960

The art and literary magazine Cahiers d'Art , founded by the art critic Christian Zervos in 1926 in Paris, 14 rue du Dragon, was published between 1941 and 1943, with an interruption due to the war, until 1960. From 1926 to 1931, like Zervos, Tériade , who also came from Greece, was artistic director and wrote art reviews, and the German art historian Will Grohmann was recruited as an author from 1928.

The first edition of the magazine after the Second World War was dated 1940-1944 and had as a focus poets and writers of the French Resistance such as Vercors . The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan wrote the article on logic for Cahiers d'Art in 1945 : The logical time and the assertion of anticipated certainty - A new sophism.

Issue 1–3 from 1937 contains 14 pages of Songe et Mensonge de Franco by Pablo Picasso

Artists shown included Pablo Picasso , Fernand Léger , Max Ernst , Raoul Dufy , Marc Chagall , Constantin Brâncuși , Vincent van Gogh , Paul Klee , Henry Laurens , László Moholy-Nagy , Willi Baumeister , Joan Miró , Alexander Calder , Victor Brauner , Giorgio de Chirico , Wolfgang Paalen , Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray . Between 1932 and 1970 Christian and Yvonne Zervos organized between two and five exhibitions a year in the attached gallery. By 1960, Zervos had published 97 editions of the magazine and more than 50 books, including monographs on El Greco , Henri Matisse , Man Ray, and art from Africa and Mesopotamia.

The magazine Cahiers d'Art connected modern and ancient art in a dialogue with its unusual design , typography and rich illustration. In addition to art criticism , she placed great emphasis on texts by writers and poets such as Tristan Tzara , Paul Éluard , René Char , Ernest Hemingway and Samuel Beckett .

Collection and archive

A collection of the editions is located in Nicosia in the Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art, which also houses the magazine Minotaure founded by Tériade and Albert Skira .

The Bibliothèque Kandinsky of the Paris art and cultural center Center Pompidou has a rich archive on Cahiers d'Art , which includes photographs, documents and reproductions of works. It formed the basis for the 2011 book Zervos et Cahiers d'Art by Christian Derouet.

Reboot 2012

The Swedish art collector Staffan Ahrenberg acquired the rights to the magazine in 2011 and started the relaunch together with Sam Keller , Director of the Fondation Beyeler , and Hans-Ulrich Obrist in October 2012. The first edition featured works by Ellsworth Kelly , Cyprien Gaillard , Sarah Morris and Adrián Villar Rojas and the architecture by Oscar Niemeyer . The magazine appears in French with 2000 and for the first time in English with 8000 copies as irregular as before. In addition to the publishing house, the bookstore and gallery were also taken over.

"Le Zervos"

Picassos catalog raisonné by Zervos in an old edition

Zervos' work on Picasso's catalog raisonné began in 1932 and continued in Paris until his death in 1970. At that time, the directory consisted of 22 volumes and was supplemented by 11 volumes by his colleague Mila Gagarine after his death until 1978. The catalog raisonné des œuvres de Pablo Picasso called “Le Zervos” is still the standard work - although still unfinished - on the works of Picasso.

An edited new edition of the 33 volumes as a collector's edition with more than 6000 pages, which was also translated into English, was published by Cahiers d'Art in February 2014 with the permission of the estate administrator Claude Picasso . The 16,000 or so illustrations were reproduced in black and white, this corresponds to Pablo Picasso's request, which was implemented in the first edition.


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