Caprona - The Forgotten Land

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German title Caprona - The Forgotten Land
Original title The Land That Time Forgot
Country of production USA , UK
original language English
Publishing year 1975
length 91 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Kevin Connor
script James Cawthorn ,
Michael Moorcock
production John Dark ,
Samuel Z. Arkoff
music Douglas Gamley
camera Alan Hume
cut John Ireland

Caprona is a British-American feature film from 1975. It is based on the novel The Land That Time Forgot by Tarzan inventor Edgar Rice Burroughs . In 1977 the film found a sequel with Caprona - The Return of the Dinosaurs .


A message in a bottle is found on the coast of Scotland . The sender tells an unbelievable story that he experienced himself:

During the First World War , a British cargo ship is sunk by a German submarine . A handful of survivors, including the American Bowen Tyler and the biologist Lisa Clayton, are able to save themselves on a rowboat and board the submarine. Tyler successfully disputes command of the submarine with Lieutenant Dietz and Captain von Schönfeldt. Dietz manipulates the compass to drive south to a supply ship. Tyler manages to torpedo the supply ship, but due to the detour, the submarine has only limited supplies.

Then the team reached an unknown, icy island. Schönfeldt reports that as early as the 18th century an Italian navigator had reported about an unknown island in this area, which he named Caprona . The submarine crew reaches the island's interior through a river that flows into the sea under the rocky island coast. There she meets prehistoric creatures such as pterodactyls and a plesiosaur . A member of the team immediately falls victim to this, but Tyler can render the dinosaur harmless.

While exploring the island, the group meets other prehistoric animals as well as prehistoric humans, one of whom befriends them. Together with him, the team continues their island exploration and comes across warlike prehistoric people. She observes a fight between a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Triceratops and meets two styracosaurs . The further north the group goes, the more developed the life forms found. Lisa eventually theorizes that this is because of the water in the river.

A horde of prehistoric people attack the group and kidnap Lisa; the prehistoric man, who was friends with the island explorers, was killed by a pterodactyl. When a volcano erupts, Dietz and von Schönfeldt set out and leave Lisa and Tyler behind. When they arrive on the bank, the submarine has already cast off. Both have to watch in dismay as the submarine sinks shortly afterwards.

Lisa and Tyler decide to hike north. Tyler throws a message in a bottle into the sea with his experiences on the island.


  • USA: August 13, 1975
  • Germany: June 11, 1976


"A picturesque piece of science fiction cinema with some remarkable tricks."

“Anyone who, as an adult, has not lost their lust for fairy tales, for cozy horror without regrets, gets their money's worth in CAPRONA. This CAPRONA was put together with tremendous imagination and love ... Here you die more kindly, as is only possible in fairy tales. "

- Hartmut Weber, FILMBEOBACHTER , quoted from Lexicon of Science Fiction Films , p. 70

“... The trick sequences in this film are outstanding, especially the attack by a pterosaur. Nostalgic science fiction, just right for the whole family! "

- Lexicon of Science Fiction Films , p. 70

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