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Charles Drelincourt

Charles Drelincourt , Latinized Carolus Drelincurtius (born February 1, 1633 in Charenton near Paris , † May 31, 1697 in Leiden ), was a French physician and anatomist.


The son of the Parisian pastor Charles Drelincourt the Elder (1595–1669) and his wife Marguerite Boldue, daughter of a rich brewer from Biere, came from a large family. Like his older brother and father, he was originally supposed to be a Huguenot pastor. However, an illness in his youth made him want to study medicine. After initial training in Paris, he moved to Saumur . For the Saumur Academy there, Philippe Duplessis-Mornay had received from Heinrich IV founding letters for a college in Saumur in March 1593.

In 1604 the academy opened its doors to enable Protestant noblemen and future French pastors to receive training. But also the Catholic youth were given opportunities for education there. Further studies on law and medicine were not possible on her, but general basics on these topics were also taught on her. Rather, the university's curriculum focused on studying theology, which required an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Drelincourt graduated from the latter, and on September 24, 1650, he acquired the degree of master's degree in philosophy.

After studying anatomy with Jean Riolan the Younger , he went to the University of Montpellier , where on March 2, 1654 he became a medical baccalaureate. On August 18, 1654 he advanced to a licentiate in medicine with the treatise Clarissimum Monspeliensis Apollinis Stadium currente and received his doctorate on August 28, 1654 with the treatise An omnibus putridis febribus venae sectio et purgatio? to the doctor of medicine. Shortly thereafter, he became a doctor to Marshal Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, vicomte de Turenne, and from 1656 to 1658 he was inspector of the medical service of the French army in Flanders.

After his field service he became a doctor in 1659 at the court of the French king Louis XIV. He also set up his own medical practice in Paris. At that time he had married there too. On August 23, 1668, the curators of the University of Leiden appointed him to succeed Johannes Antonides van der Linden as professor of practical medicine, which he assumed on February 18, 1669 with an introductory speech. After the death of Johannes von Horne (1621-1670) he was appointed chair holder and professor of anatomy on December 3, 1670, which activity he began in January of the following year with the speech Praeludium anatomicum .

During that time, the Leiden University Clinic Collegium Medico-Practicum was also under his control . During his tenure he achieved that the corpses of criminals could be used for anatomical lessons. In 1687 he was exempted from anatomical lectures for health reasons because his eyes had suffered from microscopy. His lectures were taken over by Anton Nuck (around 1650–1692) and from then on he read on theoretical medicine, where he developed a particular fondness for Hippocrates. Although Herman Boerhaave valued him as a conscientious lecturer, he was not without controversy in his time. Above all, his observations on the fetuses should be mentioned here. In the years 1679/80, 1688/89 and 1694/95, as rector of the Alma Mater, he also took part in the university's organizational tasks. At the resignation of the first rectorate in 1680 he gave the unusual speech Libitinae Tropaea . He was the personal physician of Willhelm III and Princess Maria .


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