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German title Chillerama
Original title Chillerama
Country of production United States
original language English , German
Publishing year 2011
length 115 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Zom-B-Movie: Joe Lynch
Wadzilla: Adam Rifkin
I was a Teenage Werebear: Tim Sullivan
The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein: Adam Green
Deathication: Bear McCreary
script Adam Rifkin
Tim Sullivan
Adam Green
Joe Lynch
production Jason Richard Miller
Cory Neal
Adam Green
Joe Lynch
Adam Rifkin
Tim Sullivan
music Patrick Copeland
Andy Garfield
Bear McCreary
camera Will Barratt
cut Gavin Heffernan



I Was a Teenage Werebear:

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein:


Chillerama is an episodic horror comedy by directors Adam Rifkin , Tim Sullivan , Adam Green and Joe Lynch , conceived as an homage to trash cinema , which was shown for the first time in Germany on August 22, 2011. The release on DVD followed in early 2013.

The setting for the framework action is a drive-in cinema , in which the operator Cecil Kaufman once again presents the most tasteless strips of his collection to the audience in a film marathon on the occasion of the closure. The films shown are the actual episodes of the film, each made by a different director. During the showing of these strips, however, a zombie plague spreads in the audience, so that the increasingly escalating situation in the drive-in cinema finally marks the finale of the film.


Framework story (Zom-B-Movie)

The film begins with Dick, a worker at a drive-in theater, digging up his wife's body in the cemetery to practice oral sex with the corpse. The woman turns out to be an undead who, with a bite in her husband's penis, infects him with a kind of zombie virus. Nevertheless, Dick, already battered, goes to the drive-in cinema to work, in which the operator Cecil Kaufman intends to show four trash films that have not been published because of their tastelessness. Among the audience are the teenagers Toby and Mayna, who are accompanied by the slightly older Ryan, who loves Desi who works at the snack bar. After everyone has parked in the cinema, the first film of the evening is shown with Wadzilla.

After this performance, Ryan goes to the snack counter to see Desi. However, since the butter for the popcorn has run out, she has to fetch new ones from the warehouse, which, however, has already been infected with the zombie virus by Dick. This is how the virus spreads with the popcorn throughout the cinema. After Ryan returns to the car, Cecil starts I Was a Teenage Werebear , the second film of the evening.

When this film ends, Toby first goes to the toilet and then to Cecil, whom he surprises as he thinks about a possible suicide with a gun in his hand. Startled by Toby, he threatens Toby for a moment with his gun before he rebukes him and asks to turn on his microphone so that he can present the next film. Then, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein shown.

Then you can see how the zombie virus continues to spread in the cinema. The peculiarity of the virus seems to be that it causes the infected to have sexual intercourse, whereby it spreads further. At the same time Toby and Mayna meet in the main building and kiss while Cecil announces the next film in the background. Then it fades to Deathification.

But since there are picture disturbances during the film, Toby and Mayna worry about Cecil, which is why they storm into his office, where they find Cecil fighting with Dick, who has become a zombie. After helping Cecil kill Dick, they realize the extent of the situation. Almost the entire cinema is now infected with the virus and as a result there is a sex orgy in which many die. Still in the car, Ryan decides to save Desi. He manages to fight his way through to her, but when he finally reaches her, he has to find that she is also infected with the virus. However, he decides to sleep with her anyway, which also infects him.

To get to their car, Toby and Mayna fight their way through the zombie masses, where they are trapped and saved at the last second by Cecil, who is now besieged by zombies and therefore kills himself with a grenade and several zombies with him death travels. Toby and Mayna can lock themselves in the car in the meantime, but they discover that it does not start. In the face of death, they both decide to sleep together so as not to lose their virginity to a zombie. The film ends with this scene. Only now does the viewer realize that the framework story was also only a film in the film that is being shown in a cinema where the directors of the film sit and debate what they have seen.



The protagonist of this episode is Miles Munson, who learns from his doctor that his sperm contains very few and weak sperm, which is why Munson decides on a drug recommended by his doctor but still in the test phase. However, he soon found out that he felt a violent pain in his testicles at the slightest sexual arousal, which is why he consulted his doctor again, who in turn asked for a sperm sample. Both are accordingly surprised when there is a giant sperm in the cup after masturbation, which the doctor immediately crushes. He theorized that the drug not only strengthens the sperm, but also allows it to grow. It was this growth that would lead to the pain, which is why he asks his patient to masturbate after each arousal.

In the evening, Munson meets the pretty Louise on a date arranged by his colleagues. However, Munson is forced to retreat to her bathroom for masturbation because of the pain that has set in again. The resulting sperm can, however, escape and cause great damage in New York - constantly eating people and thus growing. When the sperm, which has now grown to enormous size, leaps over the Statue of Liberty, it is bombed by the military and torn to shreds. In the last shot, Munson is kissed by Louise, which immediately causes him severe pain again. So the end of the film is open.

I Was a Teenage Werebear

Ricky, a student who suppresses his homosexuality and is therefore in a relationship with Peggy Lou, learns when this girlfriend is seriously injured in an accident, also homosexual Talon, who wants to show Ricky his true sexual predisposition. After Ricky was bitten by him, Talon turns out to be an advertiser who, together with his friends, wants to kill and eat the guests of a school party. Ricky, who is now also an advertiser because of the bite, tries unsuccessfully to convince Talon that such acts would never accept her in society. Since Talon could not change his mind, Ricky kills him at the school party, whereupon he dies in his arms and with his last words regrets his actions as an advertising agent.

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein

This film is set in the Third Reich, shortly before the end of the war, and begins in Anne Frank's hiding place . Here her father explains to her that her family originally had the name Frankenstein and that one of her ancestors created the Frankenstein monster, which is stated in the diary of Dr. Frankenstein, which is owned by the family, should be described in detail. Shortly afterwards Hitler storms the hiding place with some soldiers, shoots the family and brings the book Dr. Frankensteins per se. With this knowledge he creates a Jewish Frankenstein monster reminiscent of a golem. When he tries to try it on one of his soldiers, however, it initially refuses to kill him, whereupon Hitler yells at him, which ultimately leads to the monster first tearing the swastika armband off his arm and then killing all the soldiers in the room and then killing Hitler to finally dance to the tune of Hava Nagila .


In principle, this episode consists largely of a foreword by the director to the actual film. In this he expressly warns against his work. The subsequent film actually has no plot, but only consists of various short scenes in which human excrement play a central role. For example, you can see different people doing their excrement and an artist painting with excrement. After all, this film breaks off after a short time due to the events in the framework.


“The confessing trash lovers worked with a lot of heart and soul on“ Chillerama ”for two years, the result is an insane composition of all imaginable tastelessnesses. The four-part episode film comes up with a multitude of references to genre classics and provokes with countless taboo breaks and infantile humor, which mainly takes place beyond the belt. "


German production

The German version was produced by TV + Synchron Berlin .

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