Clay Pigeons - Living Targets

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German title Clay Pigeons - Living Targets
Original title Clay pigeons
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1998
length 104 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director David Dobkin
script Matthew L. Healy
production Ridley Scott ,
Chris Zarpas
music John Lurie
camera Eric Alan Edwards
cut Stan Salfas

Clay Pigeons - Living Targets (Original title: Clay Pigeons ) is an American film directed by David Dobkin from 1998 , which combines elements from thriller , crime and drama with black humor .


Clay Bidwell lives in a sleepy town in the US state of Montana and leads a normal life until one day he has an affair with the wife of his friend Earl. The mentally unstable Earl lures Clay to a secluded place and puts a bullet in his head in front of his eyes. Clay, who is now standing with a corpse but no alibi, doesn't know what to do other than to put the dead Earl in his truck and let him roll down a slope to cover up the crime. The police are investigating him, but the good-natured sheriff lets him go without interrogation. Clay, who has not yet recovered from the shock, gets into new difficulties when Amanda, the wife of the deceased, tries to force him to continue having sex. When he rejects her and instead goes out with another girl, Amanda unceremoniously takes action and shoots her in Clay's house. Now Clay again has a corpse on his neck, which he sunk in a nearby lake.

When Amanda digs him up in a bar, he slaps her on the face, which someone present notices. He introduces himself to him as "Lester Long" and invites him to fish. There the two of them suddenly have a corpse on the hook: To the audience it looks as if it is the girl that Clay had brought there. During a conversation with the sheriff, however, she turns out to be a previously unknown corpse that was stabbed to death.

The story is open again, but it soon turns out that this is due to Lester's account, who, as it later turns out, gets rid of unfaithful women. He also approaches Amanda at the same time, and stabs her during sex.

The FBI has since become aware of the two feminicides and is now in town as they fit into a series of other murders that were recently committed nearby. When you find the body sunk by Clay, you suspect a single perpetrator behind all the crimes. The suspicion naturally falls on Clay Bidwell, of whose affair with Amanda everyone in town now knows.

It is only when Clay realizes that Lester Long is behind it all that he can divert suspicion from himself. When he learns that Lester has also attacked the investigating FBI officer, he can warn her in advance and thus prevent worse. The final scene: Clay meets Lester in a pub outside town for a discussion. Lester goes outside, speaks to a stranger to him, in order to be taken away by him. But this one is the sheriff, he takes Lester with him. Two police cars follow him.


“Dobkin proves to be a talented eclecticist in his debut, he has not yet developed his own stylistic vision. Clay Pigeons is less than the sum of its parts. "

- epd film 8/1999

“Black and humorous mixture of slapstick and psychological thriller. The endeavor to give the film cult status deprives it of any lightness and overloads the already implausible story with pseudo profundity. "


The film was nominated for the Casting Society of America Award in 1999.

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