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German title Like replaced
Original title The change-up
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2011
length 113 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director David Dobkin
script Jon Lucas ,
Scott Moore
production David Dobkin,
Neal H. Moritz
music John Debney
camera Eric Alan Edwards
cut Greg Hayden ,
Lee Haxall ,
Debra Neil Fisher
(additional editing)

The Change-Up is an American comedy film from the year 2011 .


Underutilized actor Mitch spends a bar night with his best friend, Dave, who is overwhelmed as a lawyer and family man. In the course of their conversation, everyone envies the other's life. Mitch is single, can sleep with any woman he wants, and feels underutilized, while Dave has a loving family and loads of money. So when they urinate in a magical fountain, both wish that they would rather live the other's life. And so it happens that the next morning everyone wakes up in the other's body and has to find out that they don't like it at all, which is why they go to the well as quickly as possible to reverse the matter. But the well cannot be found, and so both of them have to continue the life of the other first.

And so it happens that Mitch in Dave's body steers his most important meeting to date into a catastrophe and Dave does a miserable job in Mitch's body while shooting some soft porn. Since both feel so helpless in the unfamiliar environment, they also fear that the other could destroy their own lives. So they ask Dave's wife, Jamie, for help; maybe she knows how to get out of this dilemma. But she doesn't believe them and both are still stuck in the situation; at least they want to teach each other how to live the other life correctly and authentically. Only then do they learn how others think of them and how wrong they have assessed their own life so far. Dave finds out that his wife has been unhappy over the years, and Mitch finds out that everyone thinks he is a failure who cannot finish anything. But on the other hand, you can also find positive aspects in your new life: Dave can finally enjoy his time to the full and does things that he has wanted to do for a long time, and Mitch realizes that he can achieve something with dedication and commitment.

While Mitch manages to partner with Dave in his law firm , Dave goes on a pleasant date with his assistant, Sabrina. And after they both finally found out where this fountain is, they drive to the Peachtree Galleria , where they now urinate together in order to return to their old life. They eventually learned from their mistakes so that Dave became a better husband and Mitch became less childish and a little more responsible.


"The body swap premise, which is slowly becoming worn out, is not really deeply explored unless one looks for a meaningful Freudian subtext in the film's relentless anal fixation ."

" How Changed" is one of the dirtiest mainstream releases in history. It has a bad opinion of men, an even worse opinion of women, and the worst opinion about the intelligence of the audience. He is obscene, foul, scatological , creepy and perverted. And as a bonus, it has the shabbiest and worst movie title I've ever seen this side of YouTube . "

“A mild body-swapping comedy that hardly gets any gags from its subject. The sexual innuendos are more uptight and vulgar than they would play with ideas of masculinity in an unconventional way. "


The film opened in US cinemas on August 5, 2011 and, with a budget of just over $ 55 million, grossed over $ 70 million worldwide in the first four months. In Germany, 493,212 cinema-goers had already seen it on October 17, 2011.

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